Best Balcony

Today's designers offer the same wall decoration issue of sex: a brick or stone. If you are not very suitable for the interior, the paint can be painted in a color that you like, well plastered wall surface. Leaving the walls white, you will create the best backdrop for the greenery, flowers, decor and furniture. Directly relevant to the loggia or balcony is a wooden and wicker furniture. Recently entered the fashion of colored plastic furniture. This furniture has many advantages. She's beautiful, light, bright, easy to clean and tough enough.

It is essential that the furniture was compact and did not occupy much space. If the balcony is narrow, it would be the best folding furniture, and the table can be mounted and bolted to the wall. Hang on a table can not even professional. Deck chairs on the narrow balcony look not only beautiful, but they very practical. If necessary, they can be folded, as if there was a desire to sunbathe, then expand the chaise is not difficult. If the balcony overlooking the sunny side, it is desirable to hang blinds or curtains decorated. Because even the most heat-loving plants do not like direct sunlight.

Modern designers have developed a number of blinds that you can easily find suitable for your balcony in color and interior. When the sizes of balcony big enough for it is possible to put a sofa, armchairs, a table covered with a beautiful tablecloth, a small bookcase. To make it more comfortable you can put on a sofa and chair cushions, made from natural fabrics: hemp, tapestries, textiles, linen.