Bild Readers Know And Quizzen More!

QUIZZES money live quiz show on the Internet now can readers be candidates at the first live quiz show on the Internet and profitably employ their knowledge. launches its innovative entertainment program in cooperation with the Berlin company First1 networks GmbH. The Internet quiz show unlocked on, the candidates have the chance to win real money. In the daily between 12:00 and 20:00 live sent show “Quizzes is money” unlimited players can compete at the same time and answer questions from the different areas of knowledge. Also current questions from the picture newspaper can be included immediately in the show. “Quizzes money” is an entertainment product, the it comparable so far neither is still internationally in Germany,. The process is simple: the first game is free, all other quiz shows then cost 1.

A candidate can correctly answer the question with the 4 possible answers, it continues. After 15 minutes, the finale of the show is. To start the jackpot sum of 100 is guaranteed. The more players take part, the higher is the possible winning amount. The gains are unlimited upward.

Berlin Internet transmitter First1 networks Ltd. Managing Director Fabian zinc is responsible for “Quizzes is money”: “everyone has fun on the quizzes. We allow the image readers, such as television quiz to join in live shows, and put your knowledge to the test. Involves lots of fun and win some money!” Fast, colorful, live… press contact: First1 networks GmbH Silke Kauer Poststrasse 30 10178 Berlin author: Responsum GmbH Stefanie Fossel