Detlef Strelow

Thus, all politicians are scammers. And intermediaries, the customers These alleged pension expectations high and beautiful account, making accomplices. It can be said: A State pension provision, as well as by politicians and inferior agents faked, nobody will get more. Germany is long been bankrupt and can never afford it! If you still want to know what they can expect that they will need an Advisor, but only a calculator. Press the 0 and the number that appears in the display is more honest than any statement that a politician and a mediator can work out.

Since it has bought two new dresses the private pension insurance: Rurup and Riester! Apart from the fact that it has set a monument two politicians about their lives beyond the content is just as lazy as the models without dress. Who wants to realize a loss with his savings money must achieve at least a 10% return, after deduction of 3% inflation and 30% taxes to achieve increase of 4%. If the reputation of the decoys, one never since followed unprecedented public support, should additionally worrying, why here something supported what can never earn a return. If the deals are so good, the question why the brothers Albrecht, Mr. Deichmann or the family Quant, but a few to call, do not invest in such a super plant without risk. Can you not expect perhaps? Who realistically approaches his goal planning, will be frightened about what usage is required to achieve these goals. A larger capacity is needed to achieve his desired supply capital ever after deducting inflation and taxes. One thing is rock solid: nobody is interested to do unless you own today vocational active people financially independent! If you want a financial independence then choose the right (free) consultants and pay your Bill itself.” Contact: finance Santiago & partner Detlef Strelow of Kopenicker RT 167 12437 Berlin FON 030 / 53014796