Eastern European Capital

Continued expansion in the Eastern European capital and securities markets July 31, 2012, Warsaw, Frankfurt am Main. Equilor Ltd., one of the leading Hungarian financial services providers, has for its smooth direct market access to the Warsaw Stock Exchange (Warsaw Stock Exchange WSE) opted for the solution of FIXCEE of the Frankfurter CONET Services AG. Peter Horvath, head of operations at Equilor, explains: Equilor is looking forward to the collaboration. The extensive range of the CONET fits perfectly to the business fields of Equilor. According to our experience in two joint projects CONET offers high solution quality at reasonable prices and to a forward-looking and helpful service us.” Claus Frombgen, CEO of the CONET Services Ltd. added: trade and connectivity landscapes in Central and Eastern Europe change currently rapidly, especially in Poland, where the Warsaw Stock Exchange currently goes on a new trading platform. CONET wants to achieve a leading role for trading services and therefore we are pleased especially, our business with this cooperation to Eastern Europe expand to.

We allow direct access to their markets and customers like Equilor and bring together the trade community through our FIXCEE hub and improve the flexibility and scalability.” The FIX (financial information eXchange) protocol is an open standard for the exchange of information, which developed stock exchanges and financial service providers in close cooperation by banks, brokers, and has established itself as an open interface for exchanging data on the financial markets. Under the name FIXCEE, the CONET Services AG provides a central hub for services and applications which are geared to fast and reliable data exchange between stock exchanges and financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe (Central and Eastern Europe CEE). Through Equilor Equilor investment Ltd., successfully professional, customer-focused and adapted to the specific needs of financial services for trade partners and investors offered since 1990. Equilor vertsteht its mission is to maximize the profits of its customers using more efficient and safer technologies and tools based on many years of experience in local and global markets and to enable them to make informed decisions through targeted advice.