Front Office

In my opinion, this component of Back Office is even more critical than the component’s Front Office that we will see now. If not you account with an area of support to carry out these functions and which is capable of organizing and processing the information that is generated in the business processes, can be sailing adrift. The second key component in projects of SFA corresponds to what we call the Front Office. It consists of the processes of business, sales staff, data and technological tools used in field work that the seller performs. Some of the activities in this process are: planning of the coverage of the territory of clients identification of sales opportunities in that territory sales methodologies (transactional, advisory, relational, etc.) Implementation of contact and visits development opportunities of business development strategies of the relationship with the client information capture of the market and competition record of activities and time investment in productive results one of the serious problems that you have with this kind of initiatives, is that if not this well conceived and the seller do not see clearly is the benefit, not to adopt the use of processes and implemented technologies. This occurs when the Directorate implement processes and technology with the aim of controlling and do detailed monitoring of the activities of the seller. As I said once a vendor; This that we have to manage is an electronic shackle.

It is impossible that an improvement in business productivity strategy can be effective if there is commitment and the active participation of the sales force. They are the first who must demonstrate the benefit that an initiative of SFA has for its productivity and as a result their results and revenue. If a seller demonstrates that with the use and implementation of new processes and techniques in their day to day work that this represents him to improve their results, rest assured that adopt such changes. On the other hand, if I see it as more controls, more reports, more work that does not lead to beneficial results for the, it will reject the topic and therefore their initiative can failing. For Front Office component meets its mission, it is necessary: having processes well-defined of contact with prospects and customers managed by the sales force put at the disposal of the seller of quality information and complete so that it can develop its contacts with clients and prospects, facilitate the process of handling this information and run the recommended processes have clarity in measurement methodology for the management of the seller show customer with tangible facts as this change benefits the fact of developing business relationships with our company ensure that the sales force is more in touch with their customers and prospects and less in the Office doing administrative work finally there is a recommendation that I always do in these processes. In an initiative of SFA first thing that needs to be reviewed are the expectations and needs of the sellers and customers. Based on these needs and expectations, build its initiative of SFA. Don’t do it like many companies do. They build their SFA initiatives based on the needs of the General direction and the direction of sales, unfortunately the majority of these initiatives fail.