Holy Transfiguration Monastery

Bride's dowry (Russian customs). In Yaroslavl in the ancient Holy Transfiguration Monastery put the wedding show, dedicated to traditional Russian wedding traditions. Especially because all the historical exhibits of Russian Life in abundance in the museum. There on the ground Yaroslavia one-act play into a noble mansion, na Nekrasov, but here we will focus on the bride's dowry. Dowry was a necessary attribute of an old Russian wedding.

In Russia, when a girl is born, it immediately begins to prepare a dowry – this is called "pumping chests. Dowry was the key to a successful marriage. After marriage, she left home and took everything with them that it could be useful in family life. In the dowry included: pillows, quilts, blankets, towels, woven itself bride or handmade, clothing, housewares, jewelry, money, property and even people. Before the wedding all groom's relatives came to appreciate this dowry. And looked at very critically, doubting whether the bride herself sewed these shirts and sundresses. Dowry was kept in large chests and caskets until the wedding day, when relatives of the bride on the carts brought him to the gates of parents of the bridegroom, riding on the trunk. And just getting a ransom, gave young dowry.

The play carried a woman in old Russian dress. They are young in halls of the museum, telling about the ancient customs connected with the wedding. One section of the play is devoted to the bride's dowry. The first and perhaps most important attribute of dowry – a spinning wheel, which accompanied a woman in lifelong life.