How To Take Actions Consistent

Consistent action is what separates thinkers and dreamers from the doers. Many highly educated people know what to do, they think they know how to do it, but never do anything about it. That is why many of them end up as consultants and professionals, working for successful entrepreneurs who had poor grades in school and college. PERFECT!, If that’s what I want in life, not bad until your life is full and full of happiness. But if you are not satisfied with your status quo, then do something to change it.

Do you know someone who may be less talented and intelligent than you, but it is much more successful? Have you ever wondered: “I acknowledge that I am better than them,” but they are much more successful? Well, you can be smarter, but they take much more action in your life and that is why they have more results. And one of the actions they take may be on the growth of his person, increasing their capacities to work and talk with any person, all these are necessary tools for any kind of success in life. So why do so many smart people fail to take consistent actions to achieve your goals? Well, first we must understand that our actions are defined by our emotional states. Emotions such as fear, inertia, anxiety and uncertainty paralyze us, to avoid taking action. Furthermore, emotions such as enthusiasm, motivation and confidence and allow us to excite things-happen-actions. The ability to directly manage our feelings in order to achieve maximum performance is what is known as Master Personal.

I know many smart people with bright ideas can become successful, but fear the check back. They sometimes put inspiring goals, but lack the motivation to do what is necessary to achieve them. The more daring can begin to take action initially, but stop after experiencing frustration or anxiety. Consider my case: During the months following the national strike in Venezuela, I was doing other things: I started with my friend Alfredo a business printer ink refill, with corporate clients, and a commissary of office. My uncle Freddy, a natural entrepreneur and successful businessman, I try to instill their knowledge to carry out several businesses, but I lacked the motivation to continue. So you can see I had a mixture of successes and failures, the failures being attributed to the fear and anxiety of doing something new out of my area of expertise, while success is attributable to the motivation generated by my friend Alfredo and the fact that knew what he was doing. Learn to be in control of our emotional states to be able to cope with feelings of fear, anxiety and procrastination, you’ll see that this will encourage you to take massive action to achieve your goals.