Insert Your Gmail Signature As An Image In 3 Steps

Gmail for some time now this part is not only a tool of email free, but it has a great structure for Office, because it has an office equipment, with some resemblance to what is the Microsoft Office, this in free competition with this company, and they are compatible with Microsoft Office products. Giving users an enormous value, because that you can not only use one of these tools for text or graphics and presentations, but you have the ease to share them with your friends, partners or in your own company, without having to be sending by email documents, but that it remains online and it can be edited by any of the users that you have shared documents. Since a few days, the Gmail team already allows users to insert signatures formatted rich at the end of your emails. This is to say that we can add images, in color, in another size or source texts and to justify or align text to get a signature uniform, tailored to our needs. Even getting a format suitable to that usually follow companies and professionals. We tell you in few steps how to adapt your signature and how to add image at the end of all your emails. 1) Access your Gmail email with your address and password. Click on the settings link located at the top right of the Inbox.

(2) At the bottom of the page, you must go to the signature section and select signature if you had it set up before. (3) You’ll see that you can edit text to pleasure and insert images, provided that you have them stored on any server. And it is that Google only accepts a URL, so at the moment, we will not have the opportunity to hang a picture that you have saved on your computer. So the changes take effect, you can simply click on the save changes button.