SAP Business ByDesign

Current opinion of IBIS Prof. Thome Wurzburg, 16.03.2009 – that Business ByDesign is new mid-market product SAP discussed not just hot, it is also problematized and sometimes even called the flop. In some places it is prior to the actual start already in the. While the public censure doesn’t do not meet the product. The new SAP SME solution is significantly better than its reputation. We hold it: SAP Business ByDesign (BYD) promises massive progress over the recent SAP world equal, if R/3, ERP or business suite. The provider has developed a completely new software with BBD. It is fully integrated and is based on the latest technology.

Soon, different systems for CRM, SRM, SCM belong to the past. They are simply no longer needed. Because all of these business applications as services on a single platform. Many innovations that are long awaited by users into the solution. So to cover for example the need for a simpler customizing. Also the complexity has decreased in comparison to other SAP solutions. Last but not least, the introduction is simple and intuitive.

In short: BBD delivers the consistent business configuration. Development takes time BBD’s new approach is good and right. Even if the software without a doubt important features missing. But SAP is pushing ahead the business and content development. The pilot users get some new features this summer with the version 2.0. In addition, still the necessary profitability is missing the solution. SAP has can reduce the total cost (total cost of ownership) according to his own words not yet on a sustainable level. This would be needed already out of self-interest because the on-demand solution cause the operating costs at SAP. Furthermore, the provider is working forward to bring the extensibility and integration of BBD. The possibilities of the service-oriented architecture should be exploited also here fully. Also on the business model still could improve SAP can however only succeed If the partner site in the sales and consultation process a benefit.