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Weirich is more accurate when it raises creativity not only can be taught, but it can also be learned. Management in the present must definitely be creative, more to the characteristics of the current scenarios where change, proactivity this manifest, forcing management to be prepared to deal with them, give way to actions, plans that favor him, using a creativity in everything what they guarantee know how to interpret the reality of the present, give way to actions that will ensure the company succeed. Requires creativity .as says, not only to solve problems or aspects which adversely affect the company, but to inquire about new management approaches that enable search, build or seize opportunities to survive and thrive, taking in what has, which according to studies, we are not beyond of ten per cent of our creative ability. This, that is regrettable on a personal level, in businesses is dangerous, since a modern organization operating in open and competitive markets permanently requires innovative ideas, changes, innovations, developing plans and original decisions, etc. And all this just has to do with creativity. Thanks to advances in knowledge of the creative thinking and its processes, today is able to design strategies to overcome blockages originating both from a personal and organizational level, that they are slowing the creative development and foster skills through which people and institutions can achieve higher levels of creativity, capacity that we all possess, but that for various reasons we do not exploit in all its magnitude, and by contrast, conscious or unconsciously, ahogamos it in our companies (pay you for work, not to think) * different Web pages Chair in marketingVirtual Classroom, program quality and producvidad management specialty, Area of graduate program Faces, UC original author and source of the article.