Bandits Beautiful Lagoons

Mendocino General Alvear Department is part, along with San Rafael and Malargue, of the so-called southern tourist area of the province. Its desert beauty contrasts with the snowy landscapes that captivates visitors from all over the world to spend, each year, a holiday in Mendoza. But with its unusual and distinct appeal, General Alvear seduces and catches also. The distribution of their ancient populations is living testimony of the will of the man’s face and overcome the desert. Cradle of livestock in the province, General Alvear is home to some of the oldest buildings in the region. The Atuel River marks their passage through the zone, here become a course of freshwater and manso. Lots of Lakes alternate with the desert landscape, giving away great and serene beauty landscapes where the fauna and flora, grateful for the blessing of the water, burst into colors and rumors.

The small hamlets induce in Alvear to enter into another dimension of time, different from the frenzy of big cities. Here, the life savor slowly, with the simplicity and sobriety dictated by the austere landscape of the desert. It is worth find the cool gloom of the oldest bars to revel in the stories and anecdotes of their settlers. Or delivered simply to the pleasure of touring, slowly and without trouble, every corner of these oases of calm, cluttered stories. It was in this Department where the adventures of the legendary Bandit Juan Bautista Humanos, Robin Hood’s pampas came to an end. Adored and protected by the most humble, with whom he shared the product of their robberies, tirelessly pursued by the police for more than 10 years, elusive as few, Humanos fell down finally in General Alvear on September 14, 1941. There stands his grave, that each year many pilgrims that evoke their generosity and their protection come.

Even today, in the bars in the area, locals are willing to recount the exploits of the mythical character. Some, including, will claim his grandparents protected it in any of its permanent fleeing justice. And figure Romance of this hero at the margin of the law will be present, for a moment, in one of those moments out of time afforded by the magic of General Alvear. For those who believe that the holidays in Mendoza were snow, and nothing more. Jorge Alberto Guinazu fire houses. Video of Juan Bautista Stagnaro, CineClub roots. Filatina auctioned guitar of the legendary Hendrix Vina del Mar: legendary restaurant Chez Gerald was topped after three failed attempts to Radio Bio-Bio William Ojeda: seek to criminalise protest from 33 humble meter users: Noticiero Digital Duck: follow equally humble with our objective which is to stay.