Brands Producing Acoustics

Current models of acoustic systems have reached unprecedented heights, and allow the car to listen to music with a quality as in the concert hall. Such systems are certainly worth a king's ransom, but cheaper give excellent sound quality. All systems are divided into coaxial and component. In a coaxial system, the dynamics of all the frequencies are brought together, and component speakers are divided into low and medium and high, due to this sound quality is better. Many manufacturers produce and coaxial – cheaper models and component – more expensive. Now the automotive market for many different brands offering different speakers, so some of them. Alpine – a world leader in automotive audio and video equipment. For 40 years, the company focuses on internal developments in the field and never ceases to surprise us with new releases, audio quality, high service.

In their logo they put five bands as a sign that they are ahead of their competitors. Today, the company delivers a new ideology: to fully overcome all obstacles to the ideal sound reproduction in your car, raise the accuracy and quality of sound at a previously unattained heights. Following this motto, Alpine opened a new line of loudspeakers Alpine F1 Status, which has created a new class of devices. This series collected many prizes and awards, and was recognized as the best product in 2001. Actually not only this, but all Alpine models can be considered a model of precision, power and quality sound reproduction. They have a modern corporate design, ergonomics, has a convenient control.