Business Administration

1 INTRODUCTION In the current scene, the companies coexist in a total globalizado environment and competitive, the technological innovations are developed at every moment, and the flow of information covers the companies of very fast form. Thus the organization is each more difficult time to keep the competitive advantage in relation to its competitor, therefore the products and services quickly are offered by the competitors and the technology is each more easy of being reached and surpassed time. Ahead of these facts, the great enterprise competitive advantage is in charge of the intellectual capital of the organization, as well as cited for Chiavenato: In the current scene, of a globalizado world, unstable, changeable and strong concorrencial; the successful companies, tend to grow or, at least, to survive. The growth causes greater complexity of the necessary resources to its operations, with the increase of capital, increment of technology, activities of support etc. Provoking the increase of the number of people, as well as necessity to intensify the application of its knowledge, indispensable abilities and dexterities to the maintenance and competitiveness of the business. With everything this if assures that the material, financial and technological resources are used with efficiency and effectiveness. the people start to mean the differential competitive that keeps and promotes the success organizacional; they start to constitute the basic ability of the organization, its main competitive advantage.

(CHIAVENATO, 2004, p.04). The companies must recognize its intellectual capital as an asset of great importance in the profits of the organization, therefore the competitive differential is accurately in the management of people. The attendance that the quick company to its customers, the qualification and the preparation of the employees, all these aspects depend on as the company deals with its intellectual capital. Therefore it is not enough that the company possesss the intellectual capital, needs to know to manage the people, so that the same ones remain in development. .