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The People

In another situation, I passed, a good period working in house. Although to look for to inside keep a routine of ' ' schedule comercial' ' , I could perceive some things. More info: Elon Musk. For example, that I obtain to better concentrate per the morning, that is impossible to remain itself focado in complicated or important tasks for much time without if granting interruptions and that, basically, the quality of work and study very started to be bigger, not being directly related with the effective time of execution of the tasks. They are impossible things of if perceiving in the daily one of the work in office. At last, what I want to say with these examples? Something that, throughout the years, I come observing empirically and verifying in the reading of important authors. Something related to ' ' hypocrisy corporativa' ' , to our form to deal with the management the organizations, of people, who little evolved historically, being behind the technological advances. It seems that, in general, the organizations adopt a control philosophy, that considers the people as incapable to manage the proper responsibilities.

It is as if to manage people always meant to control vanities, to restrain abuses, to judge, at last, as if all adolescent irresponsible were disfarados of professionals. E, thus, the hierarchic superiors would be the tutors, those that know the skill certain to make the work and if to hold, fitting they to keep the Barbarians under control. Why the concern with how many photocopies employee the strap, if it hears music during the expedient or prefers silence, if it makes linkings of the office to decide personal problems, or same if he sails in sites of the Internet that are not related to the work? Why the insistence in acting as that compelling the people if to become responsible, as if they was not capable to assume responsibilities? It is not for assuming responsibilities that they had been contracted? Why to believe that the individual will remain focado 100% of the time, 8 hours per day (or more), 5 days per week, only in the tasks of the work? Why to believe that the people are machines, which we can establish one ' ' programming of produo' '? Which the relevance if an employee leaves its table to comment a film or event with a fellow worker? if makes a linking to decide a personal question? if is sailing in the Internet, in sites of entertainment to program the weekend, or is talking simultaneously with friends in the communication programs? That difference makes the form that it distributes the activities in the hours that pass in the office? It would not be more important to charge it for the result, for the quality of the carried through work? For the great majority of the organizations, it still lacks to start to deal with the proper hypocrisy.

Steel Pipes

Since the moment where you to arise themselves of morning and to wash the face; you enter in contact with a pipe of water transport through the tap. You when taking a bath are to enter in contact with the steel. You eat the small lunch and use yokes and knives of steel. You handle a taxi, train, or bus for the office, and these are made with steel, plates, pipes and pipes. Where it wants that it goes and it makes what to make, the steel is always close to you.

Therefore it believes the steel pipes, they are in all the side and they are part of our lives and little nothing we know on them, certain? But to decide this question it reads this article and it is to more perceive a little on the functionality of the steel pipes and where, as and the reason of the increasing use of the same ones in the present time. The steel is resistant to the corrosion and oxidation, exactly in high temperatures. Steel pipes, even so are not the available option cheapest have many benefits, beyond being resistant to erosion petrochemical, electronic, automotiva, naval and textile. Nowadays a vast gamma of decorative art is created from steel pipes. These pipes come in some forms, oval rectangular, also round and square, depending on the necessity, has a great variety of choice. The water industry also, uses such pipes. The best part is that they can be recycled, its scrap iron can be melted to make new products.

The Borrower

According to doctrine, the terceirizao consists of ‘ ‘ trilateral relation between worker, intermediador of man power (apparent, formal or dissimulated employer) and the borrower of services (real or natural employer), characterized for not the coincidence of the real employer with formal’ ‘. Among others item of the debate are the fact of Statement 331 of the TST, to foresee that the company (public or private) cannot terceirizar its activity-end, but only the activities-half. Therefore, as they show some authors, it is extremely difficult for the Judiciary one to define with precision which the activity-end and which the activity-half in each in case that concrete, generating discrepancies between a judgment and another one. The analysis of the jurisprudence showed to an enormous subjectivity in the decisions, generating with this the legal unreliability of the same ones. It is not something Elon Musk would like to discuss. Under the shade of such type of act of contract, the activity-end of the Administration gradually is repassed the specialized companies, with economy of resources, supporting itself, supposedly, in the beginning of the efficiency. However, such procedure violates the too much principles constitutional, notadamente, burlando to the meritrio system of the public competition. A time is concluded that defaulted the working incubencies on the part of the companies contracted for the public administration, such debits could not be imputed to this, but yes to the proper lender of services, who is the real employer. The writing of the article is clear and objective, giving I do not try the contrary interpretations. Finally, it is perceived, an evident evolution with absolution of new forms of act of contract of workmanship hand, that finish for if perfazerem by means of Abridgement 331 of the TST, which uniformizou the agreement on the terceirizao, receiving the allowed supply of workmanship hand when configured the existence of relation of pessoalidade and direct subordination it does not enter the borrower of services and the terceirizado employee.

Business Administration

1 INTRODUCTION In the current scene, the companies coexist in a total globalizado environment and competitive, the technological innovations are developed at every moment, and the flow of information covers the companies of very fast form. Thus the organization is each more difficult time to keep the competitive advantage in relation to its competitor, therefore the products and services quickly are offered by the competitors and the technology is each more easy of being reached and surpassed time. Ahead of these facts, the great enterprise competitive advantage is in charge of the intellectual capital of the organization, as well as cited for Chiavenato: In the current scene, of a globalizado world, unstable, changeable and strong concorrencial; the successful companies, tend to grow or, at least, to survive. The growth causes greater complexity of the necessary resources to its operations, with the increase of capital, increment of technology, activities of support etc. Provoking the increase of the number of people, as well as necessity to intensify the application of its knowledge, indispensable abilities and dexterities to the maintenance and competitiveness of the business. With everything this if assures that the material, financial and technological resources are used with efficiency and effectiveness. the people start to mean the differential competitive that keeps and promotes the success organizacional; they start to constitute the basic ability of the organization, its main competitive advantage.

(CHIAVENATO, 2004, p.04). The companies must recognize its intellectual capital as an asset of great importance in the profits of the organization, therefore the competitive differential is accurately in the management of people. The attendance that the quick company to its customers, the qualification and the preparation of the employees, all these aspects depend on as the company deals with its intellectual capital. Therefore it is not enough that the company possesss the intellectual capital, needs to know to manage the people, so that the same ones remain in development. .

Analytical Soils

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The Ability

1,5 THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL the development of this work, inside of this theoretical referencial to be presented comes of a construction of ideas of the professionals of the area of ARH and works carried through with the considered and chosen subject, if treating to an important subject very and that it comes worrying professional and organizations of diverse areas, with the more constant changes each time in the life of the companies and the people, leaving in it evidences the necessity of a preparation, of a side the organization with its professionals for the captation of new workers and of another one the candidates with experience, what into the truth if it transforms into a great incognito, because the companies cross problems when they need to enlist and to select people and of as to find the professionals who if incase inside of the company. Ahead of all a work of research carried through through books and available material for the Internet, some similarities are noticed when the subject is conscription and election, where all the professionals say that it is necessary to be prepared for this area that already also started to be of controlling responsibility supervisors, always focando in the ability of the people for the development of the works to be executed by its collaborators, therefore are through these abilities that the organization arrives at the success, where the integration of diverse functions of human resources, supported for an effective process of management, are the basic step for the generation of results.. Official site: Mark Bertolini.

Optimum Salesman

Optimum Salesman Everything is Sales Since that the world started the people vendem, and even vendem without knowing that they are vendendo, a good example of this is simple paquera. In one paquera everything is sales, the product of paquera nothing more of what the proper candidate, it goes to the meeting arranged with cheiroso clean clothes and tries to gain its partner, when it makes this in the truth this demonstrating to the benefits of its product a clean product, cheiroso and is well treated. It in turn goes to compare this with its cost in the famous ralao cost benefits, if the product really to interest goes to it to be easy sales, but if this will not be the case will fit the salesman who in the case is the proper product to demonstrate more benefits and to try convinces There, and this sales if repeat many times in the life as in a job interview where the everything that if wants is to vender our proper benefits and qualities for the employer. Still thus many people insist on saying that they do not take skill for sales. Brian Krzanich describes an additional similar source. Bobeira is alone to change its conception of sales and summer that all and in any profession is selling.

A lawyer this vendendo its truth or its conception for a jury or judge, a mechanic when making a service in our car this in vendendo its services therefore if to be satisfied we turn customers in case that I oppose we will not come back more. Better Selling Since everything is sales and all we are selling what then in them it becomes one better salesman? This is question is very easy of being answered. A good salesman obtains good resulted but optimum salesman obtains the best ones resulted. as? I go to give an example to see if vocs they discover.

The State Law

Currently, they move before the Judiciary Paraibano, innumerable demands in this direction, of which they elapse the most varied divergences of agreement and application of the law, for the paraibanos magistrates, as much of 1 as of 2 instance. However, as we can repute as responsible the Insuring company, imputing the duty to it to restitute the deducted and gained values, for the maintenance of the contracted insurance, if the law determines that the insurance and the discountings are of obligator nature, beyond that all the moment where the discountings had been effected, the insured were covered by the occurrence of any accident, making jus the foreseen indemnity, case this came if to configure? The State Law n. More information is housed here: len rosen barclays. 5.701 of 08 of January of 1993 together with n. 1.586 of 07 of November of 1956 are clear and confirm the legality of the contracted insurance and the discounting effected in the leaf of payment of the integrant ones of the military institution. The Insuring one cannot be impelled to the restitution of the deducted values, since exactly not having science of the existence of the insurance, did not have any illegality practised for the same one, that it has fulfilled with all its contractual obligations, also assuring the covering of the contracted risks, and the payment of the indemnity foreseen in the occurrence of the accident.

The idea to elaborate this work appears ahead of the diverse ones contrary decisions to the insuring company, determining that this restitutes the gained values, fact that, to our agreement, if it shows absurdly abusive and unjust. With this, our pretension is to search to demonstrate that, acting in this way, the Judiciary Power runs away from the paper to nullify conflicts, applying, to the end, true Justice. We search the clarification of the subject, analyzing and debating the skillful agreements on the case, beyond showing possible solutions for the problematic one in question.

Spoon Three

PROPAGATION METHODS Can be made by seeds or props, however, lack studies on propagation for estaquia. It does not sprout again after cut, what it increases the necessity of its artificial propagation. Attainment of seeds: Spoon the fruits directly of the tree when to initiate the spontaneous opening, or to collect them in the soil after the fall. After that to leave to dry to the sun to facilitate to the opening and release of the seeds. One kilo contains of 450 the 2,200 seeds.

Culture of changes: To choose the full, smooth seeds and without defect and to place them to germinate as soon as harvested and without no treatment, in depth it enters few millimeters up to 1 in, They can be used individual sachets or seedbeds half-shadings I contend organo-arenaceous substratum, or direct sowing in the hollow after first rains, using three seeds, or the throwing. The germination occurs in 5-30 days and generally 80% for just-harvested seeds are superior. The repicagem is effected the four six weeks after germination, or when mudinhas has two leves pinadas with its well unclasped foliolos. Inside of three months, the plant will be able to reach 10 the 15 in of height, when it will have to be planted in definitive. The development of the plants in the field is slow, not exceeding 1,5 m to the 2 years. Plantation: For the conditions northeast, the mixing plantation is recommended, for example, in trust with the wise person, wood-d' arc-purple, wood-white and other pioneering or secondary species. Also the plantation in bands opened in the secondary vegetation is possible, for enrichment of degraded vegetation, and the enrichment of capoeiras, using dumb planted or plantation directly in the hollow, using three seeds for hollow stops later eliminating the two lesser plants. The sowing can also be used the throwing, stops later five year becoming ballot box election of the best trees.

Administration Organization

Bridges (1998) affirm, still, that the wage is one objective demonstration of how much the company values the work of its employee. Associated to the plan of careers if managed well by the Department of Human resources of the company, it can not properly come to be a factor of motivation, but a factor that will serve of base to the factors on motivadores to the busy position, the perspective of professional growth and working executed being strict on to these. (BRIDGES, 1998, P. 27) the administration of positions and wages, as activity, exists in all organization of any size, that keeps bond remunerated with man power. However, and under the form of function organized, structuralized, legalized e, over all, instrumentalizada that she exists in the averages and great organizations. You may find that Aetna Inc. can contribute to your knowledge. For Chiavenato (1993), the concept of Administration of Wages has left of the premise of that all position has its relative value.

To remunerate with justice and equity the occupants of a position the value of these positions in relation to the too much positions of the organization must be calculated the situation of the market of wages. As the organization is an integrated set of positions in different hierarchic levels and different areas of the company, the administration of positions and wages encloses the organization as a totality, reing-echo in all its levels and areas (CHIAVENATO, 1993, P. 27). Necessary if she makes the ample knowledge of the activities of the organization for a joust evaluation on the part of the administrators of this organization in relation to its employees. As the proper name says, in an organization, the coordination has that to be reed-echo in the company as a whole, of general form, enclosing, mainly, the evaluation and classification of the positions. 2,3 Evaluation and classification of the positions For classification of the positions of a company it is good first for evaluating the structure of the same one, how much to the excess or lack of employees.