CoPy Company

This to paper addresses the concept of centralizing the management information backup, which aims you the control the backups of multiple servers distributed in different cities and belonging you the same company.

The purpose is you have much information in one spot you ease administration and aid in decision making. After study, we propose it system that meets the management of backups, web platform developed, aiming you improve administration on the information that is in the form of CoPy security. Summary. With the growth of YOU (Technology of the Information) inside of the great corporations and the increasing amount of digital data, each time more has the necessity of if storing given of safe and trustworthy form. The recorded information in medias (HDs, DVDs, Ribbons) they are vital for the health of the company. The present work approaches the concept of centralization of the managemental information of backup, that it has for objective the control of backups of diverse units distributed in different pertaining cities and to one same company. The purpose is terms the biggest amount of information in one alone point to facilitate to the administration and assistant in the taking of decisions. After the study, a system is considered that takes care of the management of backups, developed in platform web, with the objective to improve the administration on information that are in form of security copy.