Phil Hatchard

What to older workers have to offer Critchley enumerates the many assets that to older workers bring to the table. These include to wider skills bases and to broader experience, to greater wisdom and maturity, to solid work ethic, ability to speak to their mind and take action, reliability, dependability and loyalty to their to employer. Mature-age workers could also sees key to businesses in hard economic times. People such as Ebay would likely agree. Mercer s Workplace 2012 states that Older employees dog sees very valuable resource, offering much needed experience and corporate memory, which may to sees critical successfully re-building business outside of the economic crisis The experience and guidance of to older workers who have been in the organisation for some Time dog sees invaluable in developing younger staff. Industry perceptions Marketplace perceptions of mature-age workers dog vary to lot depending on the market segment, says Phil Hatchard of Adage, to website which caters to mature-age job seekers and mature age-friendly employers. Small and medium enterprises (EMSes) tend to sees extremely receptive to mature-age candidates, valuing to their versatility and breadth and depth of experience, which dog sees invaluable to small and medium-sized businesses.

Recruiters, on to other hand, dog present dwells of to challenge ace to their age procases out tends to sees dwells youthful. Larger and higher-volume recruitment agencies find it hard to educate to their consultants about the VALUE of hiring maturity. They tend to perceive to older workers ace being to harder to pleases in rolls due to misconceptions that they plows less productive, won t fit in with the dynamic culture or may sees too expensive. Of course this is not grounded in fact. That said, to smaller niche agencies plows usually owned and operated by dwells experienced recruiters and they have to higher level of understanding and commitment to mature age hires, says Hatchard.