President Lloron

Like afraid swaggering boy who looks for his papa, so that one faces his amiguitos those who previously it was causing and intimidating; president Evo Morales went running to meet with his patoteros companions of the DAWN, to ask to them that they pronounce themselves against the autonomic referendum that is approached in Bolivia. For an individual without dignity, nor capacity, like he is the indigenous agent chief executive, the foreign interference is to the unique thing that he knows to play when agrees to him. Until he asked the American ambassador who pronounces itself on the subject, trying to involve it in the internal subject, to justify any maneuver that can be confabulando with its partners. The mediocre statesman, thinks that the North Americans are as foolish as he, and will fall in the trap to give arguments him so that the repression begins, and puts brake to popular desire. If the ambassador says that he is in agreement with the referendum, the Bolivian government will say that the United States is bringing about the division of the country.

If he says that he does not agree, he will say that until the States United they are against, and is illegal. The reasoning of the governing caricaturesco, is so foolishly infantile, that as everything what says and does, cause other people’s shame. In the few days that lack to arrive at the 4 from May – day established for the democratic consultation Morals it will use all the possible ruses, to neutralize the vote that will put aim to its inoperancia and despotism. The pedantic leader coca grower, managed to enemistar itself with practically all the sectors that compose the Bolivian social phantom, and the unique ones supports that it are their same types and maintained. The race is its main tool of cohesion against the rest of the population.