Swimming And Body-Improvement

We believe that swimming can collaborate as well as since the improvement of the physical capacities in the social relations between the people, when works the corporal perception. We know that the visual deficient people, many times are private of the chances to practise a physical activity, for excesses of cares or same for the lack of chances. Such proposal if organizes inside of the perspective of the corporeidade, as criterion to legitimize to the sensible knowledge and the relation body and involving way, in the case the water.

Word-key: swimming, corporeidade and deficient appearance. Introduction: The choice of the subject for this article, is related with necessity to produce and to share knowledge regarding the importance of swimming for the development of the corporal perception in deficient appearances. The learning of swimming, in the perspective of the corporeidade, it has the following conception: a learning where the movements are not preset, given as ready. The theory of the corporeidade says respect to the humanizao of the citizen, so that this comes to be an citizen-asset and not object-liabilities of history and the culture. In the society contemporary, each time more the people if find by means of interfaces in detriment of the physical contact direct, face-the-face. This new condition has, pparently, excluded the paper of the body in the education. We live, therefore, a dematerialization of the body? We believe that not and in contrast, to each day we find an amount each bigger time of studies that try to give account of its complex educative conformations. Studies on corporeidade and its multiple languages and expressions, help in them to understand that it, the body, is the main instrument of communication and the first link with the world. To the few, the body comes if moving of the periphery for the center of the analyses and interpretations.