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Tech Teams

The Flamengo in such a way gained a reinforcement and for the season of 2011. Craque is the Ronaldinho Gaucho. with the notice, the pretty torcedores had been gone crazy and already imagining gols and victories that can be conquered with the aid of this dolo, and to make well better of this year of what what passed. to commemorate the arrival of craque to the Carioca teams, the Flamengo launched the shirt Flamengo Ronaldinho, twisted it to vibrate together with the player, who now dresses the Flamengo shirt, during the departures and to show the pride to have this dolo in its teams and of being rubro-black. The official shirt of flamengo Ronaldinho comes with the name of the player and number 10 in the coasts. The prominence of the shirt is a label in the superior part frontal of the shirt, where if it reads: ' ' Optimum in the greater of mundo' '. The shirt Flamengo Ronaldinho is the uniform I, model 2010 – 2011. The shirt Flamengo Ronaldinho possesss the Solar technology Tech, that protects the athlete of the harmful effect of the sun, since the fabric blocks the entrance of rays GRAPE and UVB preventing the heat entrance, what it provides to much more comfort and security in practical of sports. Moreover, the shirt Ronaldinho Flamengo possesss gullet in special construction, shield of the teams and sponsor applied and soon the Olympikus in prominence. The twisted rubro-black is confident and waits to not only see the Ronaldinho Gaucho, as all the other players, fighting inside of field and giving all to the blood and sweat for the teams. Now she is alone to guarantee the shirt and to be in the twisted one of the future victories!

National Stamp

Design Brazilian search to insert itself in the international scene as diffusing of our culture, either by means of colors and forms that distinguish it in each more competitive time and globalizado a world, either for the zeal with the Brazil mark, in projects that they take our brasilidade world measures. The permanent construction of our identity requires a intent look on our ancestor, our traditions and our values, duly warned to tread the way of the superficiality. Our symbolic origins, as much the deriving ones of the lusitana inheritance how much the instituted ones with the historical adventure of our people, still are one of the biggest granaries of imagticas information, that however vendem sandals the foreigners, however clamam for the restoration of countries by means of peace forces. The Brazilian national symbols, over all our flag, serve of peculiar and only base for one design, that passed of a refuting wave during the Military dictatorship to a proud movement and of ostentation in the current days. Today, our green-yellow one is shown with pride for patricians. The main objective of this work is to bring to the souvenir the scenes, personages and conjunctures that had contributed for the creation of our Flag, our Blazon of Weapons and our National Stamp, with emphasis in the desconstruo of its graphical elements, in a boarding syntactic semantics and of its colors and forms.