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Contingencial Boarding

Contingencial boarding in projects, and determinative factors of success: The study of case of a project & ldquo; Feed & ndash; Front End Engineering Design& rdquo; SUMMARY In not routine enterprises, the reach of the objectives of a project how much the stated period, cost, quality, and attendance the diverse expectations of steakholders, is the main great concern of the company. The present study &amp approaches the FEED; ldquo; Front End Engineering Design& rdquo; as an incorporated additional phase to the traditional management of projects, in the search of the success of an enterprise. Law 8,666/93 will be analyzed the case of act of contract made for in agreement the PETROBRA’S company, for the revision of a project of installation of three towers of cooling in one of its petrochemical complexes in the city of So Paulo, executed in a period former-before the o launching of the licitatrio process to the suppliers. It is treated to demonstrate as the one-step adoption more, in the initial periods of training of projects of raised technology and complexity, stage that is called of FEED & ldquo; Front End Engineering Design& rdquo; , it rees-echo directly on the costs, time, and target technician of an enterprise. The theoretical picture was developed from the literature of success in projects, under a contingencial boarding. In the conclusions we point that the application of the FEED contributes in positive way for the success of projects of raised technology and complexity..


Already to think about quality guarantees the constant supply, new contracts and mainly the stability and trustworthiness of the mark of the partner that uses our products or services without counting that in case of a possible magnifying in the market until a financial partnership between both can occur searching to take care of the new demand. & ldquo; After all in a partnership, confidence and the base of sucesso& rdquo; , and this is clearly passes for attitudes. Now as in them we become partners reliable? Of skill that we form our better bows of friendship, being honest, sincere, true, in worrying about the gift and the future of the other, to assist the same always ready it in what she will be necessary, some times leaving to get personal advantages in detriment of the other. But as we can imagine this happening in a way where to profit is the base of the survival? It answers the following question: At a moment of personal difficulties who could helping in them? Somebody for which we all try the time to make optimum or somebody that always we treat simply as plus one in ours I circulate of convivncia. With certainty in the hour that you to need to enter in a negotiation to improve its prices, its stated periods of delivery or the correction of some occured problem in the product are much better to have a partner of what simply having a customer. At the current moment the results of some companies are estagnados because in the hour to close contracts it makes partnership promise, but in the hour to deliver the commitment of the treatment of customer. Never if forgetting that & ldquo; The same treatment that to give also receberemos& rdquo;.