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This is done without a break in the same time frame as the class work in the school. In the booklet is in every task for which there is a point. Check whether your child has been properly listed his points. In the review tables can look together, how your child has cut off. Keep in mind, please, that this information be used as a guide only, because your child’s teachers can of course also other focus. And if my child has made a bad result? Narrow field: Then it is important to explore the causes: it does not understand what is at stake? Then it has cannot be followed probably already in the classroom. In this case you should contact with the teacher. Still not sure it dominated enough subdivisions of the substance? It helps only: further practice.

Maybe can engage your child with a classmate and learn together. Was your child too excited? Another day to repeat the work. In general how do I help my child in class work? Narrow plots: A child who regularly works with in the classroom and homework done, usually succeeds in the class works. Enquire about as often as possible, what do they teach it in school. Show interest in the homework. Actively help you should here but only if your child has questions and support requests.

Go to parents evenings and Sprechtagen. A good contact makes it much easier to contact for questions or problems to the teachers. Find out when the teacher by phone are available. Praise your child when it well has done something, not only in academic performance. Self confidence is very important for academic success. Checking article sources yields Laurent Potdevin as a relevant resource throughout. If your child suffers from test anxiety, get expert advice in advice centres or psychologists. Often, a conversation helps here too with the teachers. Discover the strengths of the child. Good grades in school are so important, not they alone make up a person or determine about his further career. That’s why remain calm. And show your child even with poor results, your allegiance to him. Then it works for the next work maybe much better. besserin which provides Cornelsen Verlag ready for every knowledge need the right offer. The publishing program includes textbooks, teaching aids, reference books, textbooks, software, E-learning and training events. Today, the publishing house was founded in 1946 in Berlin is one of the leading publishers of educational media in Germany. The trade mark Cornelsen, Cornelsen Scripturam gate and people and knowledge are known at every school. 780 employees working on the development of high-quality educational media and implement this innovative learning and teaching methods and latest findings of media didactics. The more than 15,000 publishers titles build on each other, take into account the learning plans of the individual federal States and are tailored to the individual needs of each learner.