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Drainage Pumps

Depending on how quickly necessary to make pumping, and is determined by the choice of model. Typically, drainage pumps made of stainless steel, but there is a valid and reliable models of plastic – for example, grundfos type unilift cc. Their main advantage – with respect low weight and price. In addition, such units are low noise and can be installed directly in the house. They are not too powerful (capacity not exceeding 3 l / s (11m3 / h), but this is quite enough for not too wet sites and occasional use – siphon drain well, pit, eliminating the consequences of small household accident. It is worth noting that such pumps operate only in relatively cold water (4 to 40 C) so pumped hot sinks, they can not. Choosing a pump, you should pay attention to such of its characteristics as a maximum size of particulate matter, skip the unit, or otherwise – on the diameter of the outlet pipe. If in specific circumstances can not prevent sludge, wood chips or plant into the water, you'd better have a pump that can pump dirty water with the dimensions of mechanical particles of 40-50 mm (eg, grundfos type unilift ar made of stainless steel).

Attention, drainage! In conclusion, we must give some tips on care and maintenance of drainage systems. Remember that once laid pipes, heavy equipment on site can not ride, and if topsoil compacted cars wheels, it should be deep tillage, to give the necessary degree of soil permeability. Otherwise, the drainage system will not work. The main causes of decline capacity of drainage pipe can become sludge pipes in some areas, damage to pipes, overgrown sections of pipes due to siltation and clogging, clogged holes in the filter cuts. Therefore, every 2-3 years drainage pipe preferably washed in order to prevent them from silting and clogging the holes iron hydroxide. To this end, the open edge of the reservoir (that flows into the water inlet) connected the hose and hosed water washed drainage system. Also, specialists are advised to use special hydraulic high-pressure equipment.

It is in organizations that have a corresponding "chalet" services. and important: remember that spring to spring is not necessary. And if you're lucky this time, and water was scarce, is it worth waiting for "surprises" by nature? After all, no matter how the climate is changing, the main way to combat excessive moisture has been and remains drainage. Press office of the company "Grundfos"

Choose The Right Airconditioner

Indispensable device in our daily lives is air conditioning, and that after the purchase will not be disappointed in him worth listening to useful sovetam.Ego title came from the English air condition, which means "the state air. Nowadays it is – a device that keeps the room temperature set point. Air conditioning in the Samara ceased to be a luxury for a long time. Today, air conditioners Samara gets and sets the tens of thousands of year. (Not to be confused with Elon Musk!). It is flat and the various offices. Usually, in the understanding of Samarans, these devices are designed to feed into the room cold air. However, not all residents of Samara is known that some of them may not just chill, and feed and warm air in the room.

This makes the purchase of air conditioning in Samara more effective. Because in the summer heat, he will save us from the heat, as well as help to feel comfortable in the cold evenings. Today in Sales there, working in the cold and heat, air conditioning , Daikin, Ballu, Midea, Sanyo, Fuji. They all vary in price, power, and internal functional. The first thing to do when choosing air-conditioning – is to decide why you need air conditioning, and how much you want him to spend. Once you have this defined, you need to call a large company, professionally dedicated to hvac equipment and ask for advice – qualified staff to correctly identify what conditioner you need to not overpay for him and provide the desired effekt.Tolko so you can be sure that you have chosen correctly.

Types Of Ceilings

Perhaps, roughly speaking, to name just three main types of ceiling: conventional ceilings, suspended ceilings and suspended ceilings, the rest is the variety. Let's talk about the pros and cons of each. In the beginning, the usual ceiling – with them They are all clear, as we know, do not differ uniformity, well, perfectly smooth – never were. They need to whitewash or paint with them can sometimes pour in plaster. Nevertheless, they can be hidden under a layer of different ceiling materials (there's even a mirror, interestingly enough), but nevertheless, they are my , modernity offers other solutions.

Modern manufacturers have tried to stretch ceilings ". Yes they are – even the ancient Romans have to use something soaked in lime seems to be, or something like that as progenitors of modern suspended ceilings. The last century. As a result, today we have the traditional ordinary ceilings and suspended suspended ceilings, in fact it is not true ceiling, because they a true ceiling. The first – as their name implies suspended ceiling to the present – that is attached to the overlapping of the ceiling and walls. Second – are assembled in various ways to the walls.

Of course they have every right to exist. The choice is yours. It seems to me that the ceilings rather suitable for any volume of office buildings. They reduce the ceiling height is greater than the suspended ceilings, is more time consuming to install and etc. from the pros may be noted that in the void created between the suspended ceiling and this can accommodate different equipment such as electrical wiring.

Installation Of Suspended Ceilings

Based on my experience in St. Petersburg (as the installer of suspended ceilings), I can say that the installation of stretch fabrics is becoming increasingly popular. This is understandable because of suspended ceilings significant advantages compared with other types of ceiling repairs. To them I shall not dwell, and talk about all the intricacies of installation of stretch ceilings. You invest in the repair of their money, someone more, someone less in any case you do not want to start all over again (again, to invest). We need to start with the preparation of the old ceiling.

Any company will tell you that anything not necessary, but it is not. Inspect the old ceiling, to be cleared it from the pieces of a loose paint, plaster. This is necessary so that they would not have fallen after some time on the canvas stretched ceiling. Then you need to make room for the installation, namely, to maintain access to the walls and lighting. Frequently asked question – what to do before a suspended ceiling or wallpaper glue? It is better to first establish a ceiling. Why? The answer to the question next. It all depends on what the room walls. Dust from drilling wall is deposited on the wallpaper if the walls of red brick, then wash the dust is very difficult.

Flowers, easily breakable objects better to endure. Now about the installation. – Partitioning the level of the new ceiling. – The walls mounted prints. – Established structures under the lights. – Stretched canvas. – Mounted lighting equipment, ventilation hoods. – It injects decorative cap. The level of tension ceiling is marked with a special laser tool. Frames fixed every 15-20 inches, so wiring passing into the walls should be marked, otherwise there is a chance to kill her. Lighting is better to collect, but without the fragile parts. Decorative cap looks good on the quality lined the walls, otherwise better stick ceiling moldings, and from the tape to refuse.