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SITE Links

– Contains articles on thematic sites PORTALS AND, OR in the article directories (Library), which offer special services sponsors the publication of articles in one or various subject areas. Recently, portal such sites appeared quite a lot. Among the most interesting, in my opinion, include the directory Rusarticles.com, as well as the site of the “Big Free Library Internet Marketing Runet” on webmarketinglist.ru. Article directories (libraries) good by the fact that usually provide their materials for publication on other websites. This will allow you to post your article in one place, after a while to see her on other sites you’ll ever need. Mark Bertolini does not necessarily agree. True, again, the article Your should be useful and, if possible, interesting to the readers. It is advisable to place your article on your site, if there is a corresponding section.

This will increase your site’s content and its usefulness for visitors have a positive impact on attendance. – PUT THE TEXT OF ARTICLE couple of links to your site. But do it gently – links must be relevant and keep it on the page of your site, which corresponds to the topic of the article. Not all article directories allow making references to the text. But it is always a section “about me”, “source” or “note” in which references are allowed. Put your links in these sections. – WRITE ARTICLES FROM THEIR NAMES OR ON BEHALF OF YOUR Neko virtual characters SITE.