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The BVNM is a business association that represents the interests of the involved in the network marketing Networkers in Germany since 2003 and is strong for a comprehensive recognition of the sector among the public. The Association provides independent and impartial information and therefore is the essential point of contact for the so-called freedom of expression and education-makers”. For its tasks and objectives, the BVNM needs the support of all Networker, so that network marketing Gets the importance it deserves. All members of the BVNM have agreed with accession to the Association, its activities in accordance with the standards of conduct”for serious and fair network marketing exercise. You have been awarded for the BVNM seal of approval for quality-oriented work.

The quality of the consultants is an essential prerequisite for the recognition of the industry at institutions such as, for example, the employment agency. On the Association Web site a new service was set up recently, the WHO is WHO”of network marketing, where you can imagine the members of the BVNM with their business opportunity and advertise their services. “WHO of WHO” is a platform for serious working NetWorker and the mediation of interested parties. This offer is free of charge and exclusively for members of the Association. Due to the variety of offerings on the labour market, this service offers for interested parties who want to learn alternative employment or self-employed, a competent and reputable orientation who is WhoBundesverband network marketing e.