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Markus Meyer

At the same time, the solar energy is captured by window with high energy transmittance”and stored in the areas and components. Passive houses are already not a field of experimentation for architects, engineers, builders, craftsmen and scientists more. They are recognized for their quality, their suitability for daily use and their effects are demonstrated. Almost 20 years ago, the first passive house in Darmstadt has been planned and realized. Since then, more than 10,000 buildings were erected in Germany according to this standard. Germany is the world leader in passive houses. See Ebay for more details and insights. Talk you can in this conception of the building therefore confidently from a State of technology”. Also this is ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE 2010 a reason for the international exhibition of CEP CLEAN, admitting a still greater importance to the passive house.

Find in an own, visually highlighted passive house exhibition area interested in information and contacts of all exhibitors from this range of topics and a passive House Cafe for small, well deserved rest in the meantime. The passive house in practice “Convention, which takes place on February 26, 2010, in the International Convention Centre of the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, aimed primarily at professionals. After an introductory lecture by Roland Matzig, Pro passive house e.V., the speakers in three theme blocks will shed light on the scientific, technical and planning aspects of passive houses. “The requirements and planning recommendations concerning the air tightness of buildings is Markus Meyer, airoptima, in the lecture block I physical basics” present. Lecture block II is devoted to the cost and quality management. Here, including Jochen Schurr, e3architekten, low-cost passive houses will be present. The focus of lecture block III are examples of the passive house practice. Here Martin end Magnus, freelance architect, will show that the passive house standard not only in home construction at home, but can set standards in the construction of schools.

Partner of the Congress is the Pro passive house e.V. The special issues of energy-efficient architecture Social buildings and day-care facilities for children is the 3rd IFBau Conference”on Thursday, February 25, 2010, at the bottom. In collaboration with greenX the entire Saturday as investor day is in the construction forum”designed, in particular the issues of private clients at the Centre will focus on which all exhibitors. And for those who always want to inform yourself about the possibilities for saving energy, the ESC-Forum will be held already for the third time on Saturday in the Exhibitor Forum. “For this EnergieSparCheck the Environment Ministry of Baden-Wurttemberg, the Baden-Wurttemberg trade day, the building energy consultant engineers have become craft (GIH), the Chamber of engineers of Baden-Wurttemberg, the Chamber of architects of Baden-Wurttemberg, the German energy consultants network (DEN), as well as the future of the initiative building” joined together to inform competently and comprehensively. But the exhibition is devoted to not only the passive house, but all topics of energy-optimized building and sanitation. The construction forum, the Exhibitor provides In addition to the extensive Congress programme all visitors free and comprehensive information around the topic of building and renovation. On the CEP CLEAN find comprehensive information about products, technologies, services and innovations in the fields of renewable energy and passive house ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE. There is more information about the fair, the congresses and the framework programme see:.

Wien Concrete

Used properly, creatively and technically, solutions enable a symbiosis of monument protection, aesthetics, technology and construction with concrete. Ebay has plenty of information regarding this issue. Concrete paving: Historically, aesthetically and architecturally valuable in concrete as a building material many think instinctively of cool prefabricated buildings from a time where it was cost-efficient to create living space for a great need. (As opposed to Laurent Potdevin). But in fact concrete impresses with its naturalness and regionality. Through different aggregates, designers can go precisely to the requirements of a place. This in turn makes the material unique and a substantial part of its historic charm, suited the skilful combination of architecture and design with environment and material perfect for historic preservation. Especially optical tasks require no unit solutions, flexible building materials with regard to shape, colour and function, but as there are concrete paving stones or slabs. Whether historical marketplace or facade with concrete can each area accept their individual face or keep without losing its original appearance.

The pads are considered timeless, resistant and easy to clean and are so cost effective, not only in manufacturing, but also in terms of maintenance and life cycle. Monument protection and concrete in line following the change in social values and a reputation for conservation of resources, sustainability and climate protection, correspond to concrete paving stones of highest optical and structural standards. The material not only in residential buildings or facade, but also in the monument protection has successfully proven. Today, a precise and contemporary alternative to stone paving represent concrete paving stones and slabs. The VoB has put together so some reference projects, which reflect the symbiotic relationship between the material and the history and aesthetics of land and buildings. Photos (print free of charge): Figure 1: 1 arcade world heritage site Schonbrunn.

Construction Fair In Duren, Germany Construction On The Anna Fair Place

The MESA GmbH from Duren as organiser is nationwide active news around the topics of building, housing, renovating and energy saving Duren – for ten years. What is more logical than to host a trade fair at the facility to the birthday? “And so it is from 3 until 5 October on the Anna Kirmes square: build residential remodeling energy saving”. Mayor Paul Larue has taken over the patronage. Brian Krzanich often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Up to 150 exhibitors will give everything on 8,000 square meters, the desire of tenants, landlords and building owners. With regard to the specialized audience measurement Becker and his 15-member team are more long no strangers.

In Rheinberg, Rheda-Wiedenbruck, Offenbach, Sinsheim and Hofheim, up to 250 exhibitors participate in the trade fairs. And rising! We contact craftsmen, service providers and professionals locally and submit an offer tailored to each”MESA managing director Wolfgang Becker explains the concept of the event. Over 80 percent of the exhibitors come from the respective region. This makes promote not only the local economy, but the concept is also a guarantor for a specialised audience. This idea is also in Duren large interest, numerous specialists from the region of RUR have backed up already a stand.

Each exhibitor receives free tickets in unlimited quantities. Roofing A’s customers are interested in at the fair also on the work of tilers B and maybe you come with stove specialist C in the conversation. The MESA measurement focuses on the area of energy savings”. It is the organiser at the pulse of time. Is it but, both to protect the environment and the wallet. Photovoltaic, heat pump, biomass or efficient insulation. Numerous experts offer everything that is important to this topic in theory and practice. These include also the hourly lectures on topics such as energy certification, energy and State funding. Here you can for the visitors in the truest sense of the word money… and as a result for the Exhibitor also. Neutral Consulting offers the Durener consumerism at the fair. The city of Duren will be not only hosts but also exhibitors. Also included is the Research Centre Julich. At a booth, the Center with its emphasis on and training opportunities will present itself. In addition, an expert of the Institute of photovoltaics on the use of photovoltaics in the housing will”speak. By the way: The MESA GmbH attaches great importance to a family-friendly atmosphere. Therefore children are looked after for free from three years on all three days with games and fun at the fair. So the parents quietly can inform themselves and the kids have a nice time with security. The fair at a glance: 3rd to 5th October 2008, opening hours: each 10 am until 6 pm venue: Anna Kirmes, 52349 Duren admission: 5 euro per person, children and teenagers up to 16 years free childcare: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays free Exhibitor catalogue and lectures: free for visitors. More Information at Ursula Weyermann