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Spiritual Energy

Today's citizens are so much concerned with the problems, passionate, involved in the details of economic development, rather that better know what the Dow Jones index, rather than a verse ferrets size. They are now more about Chubais tell you, than about the poet Ivan Pereverzin. What do – such sleds. If you would like to know more then you should visit Aetna Inc.. Keen on this, in principle, it is not a joyful occasion, and sprinkled ashes on his head should not be, but need to think about. And talk about this need. And this must speak, write, sing, representatives of the so-called intellectuals, the vanguard of the cultural front, people are designed to think and speak not of a momentary, and the distant, invisible to the ordinary eye, the eternal. Human society is comparable to the cyclist, who will fall if driving is to look under the wheel. A characteristic feature, and favorite pastime of people in recent years has accused everyone and everything around it.

"Well, where we do not." What to do? Need to take a step. One. Forward. And then – the road by walking. In this step, find themselves, as time showed, far-sighted and wise, was the creation in 1999 of the Russian Academy of poetry. The birth of the Academy of poetry was phenomenon of symbolic, iconic and yet because it coincided with the birth of a new unique celebration of World Poetry Day, established by UNESCO. "Parents," "baby" are considered to Literary Fund Russian Union of Writers of Russia, the Russian Commission for UNESCO, the Foundation of asceticism and enlightenment, "and revive the great Russia," All-Russian Public Movement veterans of local wars and armed conflicts "Combat Brotherhood ", the International Association of Fine Arts (Paris)," Grenadiers "and other" Godfather "- President of the Russian Academy of poetry – poet Valentin Ustinov, whose organizational skills and an enviable commitment to favorite work yet to be adequately assessed by time.

Small Apartments

Apartments have a small size, from what is usually larger apartments lose them – a true comfort and warmth. A solution of emerging problems is building skills in restructuring and rescheduling to a fundamentally new level. It is not easy to start without having at least some basis. Perhaps these tips will give you some entertaining ideas you can use in your own home. – Remove all the doors. Instead, use blinds on the sideboards and doors, or leave blank openings.

– Replace the fridge for a fine which may fit under the table. It makes no sense to have a large refrigerator, unless you have purchased in case of war. Buy a small vacuum cleaner, which nicely fulfills its mission. – Install small fluorescent lights inside the cabinets, to simple it was to behold the contents. It also will add a feeling of greater volume. – Do not forget to wash windows to allow more light made its way into your home. – Eat small spotlights on the walls, in order to free up space on the floor and visually expand the room. – Use zoning coverage, in order that it was possible to turn the situation from the bright, cozy up to.

– Get a really nice compact kitchen appliances. Good things can cost a lot, but they will last too long. It's not just add interior Kitchen trendy look, but will get satisfaction from cooking. – Move all the music on your computer. Sell, donate or make all kinds of CD and videokasety. Certainly in the case if you do not feel them any special feelings. – Spend more often the party. Others easier to communicate in a shallow area. Finally, do not take the money for qualified interior designer, using our experience and knowledge it will develop your design project required premises, taking into account all your wishes. Information prepared by the project. vizanddiz. ru – visualization and interior design

Black Cat

She tries to shrug off his right ear. Obediently Author turns into a piece of paper, and it takes the wind. 'Paustovsky' cat thief ', Kuprin' S th'…' – Yells leaf. Cat, glad to sleep). And wakes up. Author Yevgeny Lukin 'case history', Karel Capek "From the perspective of a cat ', Kodzuki Hosaka 'The joy of living' – a very poignant thing, then 'Nick' Pelevin … And though the last did not have to say it because everything turns out just at the end … Well accidentally present, and find out.

Separately, the author can provide a mystical Stories like 'Black Cat' by Edgar Allan Poe: how not to torture cats. By the way, say, the death implicated one of his favorite furry pribolevshih. But this is speculation, but still strange 'Blues for a black cat' by Boris Vian – see What color cat is predominant in the literature? Adventitious presence of silence. The author is not paying attention to the horror can be ranked and the 'Kittens' Dean Koontz, although I do not advise ailurophile read: drowning kittens, of course, will be avenged, but they are still pathetic. In Stephen King is the 'cat out of hell. " A 'Ultarskie cats' Lovecraft – this is probably already a fantasy? We turn to her. The most famous authors of fiction and fantasy is not avoided by the cat's theme: Sergey Lukyanenko, 'Buy a cat', Robert A. Heinlein 'Door into Summer', by Robert Sheckley 'squirrel cage' about the original invisible cats.