Global Monitorial Entrepreneurship

Practical the Products are a PME example that when leading its management of structuralized form, initially on the basis of the programs of the Sebrae and later of the Foundation Dom Cabral, reaches each time more resulted significant. In last the ten years it multiplied its invoicing for 15, reaching almost 60 Real million in 2011. To prepare itself for the growth is essential! To search courses or people of references in management they are crucial and an important step in the scaling of growth. Making an analogy with us, human beings, we can say that the organizations also pass for traumatic a conturbada phase and times, that are the adolescence. If it will not have a solid base, in the case of the company a consistent management, the traumas will persist in the adult life. In these 13 years as enterprising of a business that walks for a mature moment, focado in planning and management of people, I see that, exactly with all the difficulties, the number of new businesses in the country is each bigger time. Data divulged recently for the Global Monitorial Entrepreneurship point that we almost have 22 million entrepreneurs, whom 11.5% of the population represent touching a business in Brazil. As enterprising I learned that to follow feeling it makes total difference in many cases, but is primordial not to forget that with consistency in the management and supported by processes idoneous, the possibilities to pass quickly for pains of the growth and bensucedida way will be bigger. * Alexander Abdo Hadade is president of Arizona (company of Premedia that offers to services and solutions integrated for communication, providing operational efficiency for the marketing of the companies and the advertising agencies)