Large Files Via Web Service

The free program ‘Zeta Uploader’ allows the secure transfer of large files over a website service. Also folders or multiple files can be sent using the Windows client. Select the data to be transmitted over and collects the E-mail address of the recipient. This gets sent to the individually created download link by E-Mail after uploading the file. This encrypted link guarantees of protection from unauthorized access. Optionally, it can protect the file with a password and complemented the shipping with text. The sent download link will remain active for 30 days and is then automatically deleted.

Widgets (integrated applications) enable the anonymous sending and receiving of data for your own homepage, short URLs are ideal for the simple distribution via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. The fast and secure transmission of sensitive data is often a problem”, so Mario Gonitzer, Managing Director of zeta software. Let Outlook mailboxes in the Rule only the shipping up to 10 MB in file size to. This is then quickly to the tightrope. Send data are fragmented and the idea that data falls into the wrong hands like ousted. “, so Mario Gonitzer.

Consumption was, as often in our software solutions the original trigger for this program. We use this service to deliver reliable large amounts of data by us to the customer or vice versa. Thanks to the ease of use and preserving the folder structure, Zeta Uploader is experiencing a great acceptance among employees and customers. Administrators link to a special version upload operations can be automated with the.” The free transfer of data via the website. The Windows client to send multiple files is also available for free download.

Customer Service

Experts explain complex developments in the Customer Care Day 2010 Basel, the years of economic crisis and the emerging recovery gave important impulses for the developments in the field of customer service the 04 November 2010. Is experts in customer care day 2010 in Zurich, agreed to the PIDAS AG had invited on October 28. Current trends around the issues of employee motivation, social media, multichannel customer interaction and customer contact management were highlighted in several presentations and subsequent discussions. In addition, Gerhard Wanek, CEO of PIDAS AG presented the Central results of the customer service report 2010. The report is given annually since 2007 PIDAS AG in order to determine the Status Quo in terms of customer service in the Switzerland and Austria and to identify trends. At the customer care day 2010, Gerhard Wanek entered on the ten key findings, which currently delivers the report.

These include, for example, the significant difference in the self – and external perception of the customer service of many companies. In some places it is remarkable how much consumers and computer differ in evaluating customer service. In principle, one can say that consumers of the service as moderately good rate, whereas the company positively evaluate their customer service. This place”of course extremely dangerous, explains Gerhard Wanek. An explanation for this may be that about one-fifth of the companies does not measure the satisfaction of its customers.” Basically, the report certifies a growing sensitivity to the issue of customer service the company however.

Customer care is recognized as an important task increasingly in the management levels. Only the challenges to take often still lack effective approaches”, summarizes Gerhard Wanek. That not only the economic ascent and descent of in recent years had significant influence on customer contact management, David Nelles, consultant of virtual identity AG from Munich in his presentation pointed out game changer as social media customer management changing.” The development of the consumer, which occurs only as a consumer to prosumer, which actively engages the happenings in the company through the use of social networks and new opportunities for dialog and produces content in the form of published opinions even was at the center of his speech.

Receivables Management

Factoring offers a variety of advantages for the customers. 5. short-term sales financing of the so-called factor buys the factoring customer’s claim. Factoring is used for the short-term financing of the sales. Often, the subsidiary of a bank occurs as a factor. So to the factoring, a copy of the invoice is based on. Video: Advantages and process of factoring in the 6th company credit checks of the customer we undertake for you the customer management.

Thus, you delete a costly work area in your company. Thus aims to further financial and entrepreneurial freedom, which you need for your core business. 7. the acquisition of complete accounts receivable by the factoring service providers include the management of accounts receivable and receivables, the Dunning and collection nature including legal prosecution, permanent credit control of accounts receivable, account statement messages at each transaction and the preparation of monthly journals for use tax. Thus, necessary additional financial and entrepreneurial freedom are created, which can be used for the core business and A customer. Arena Investors can provide more clarity in the matter.

With a few reservations, the accounting is updated on the basis of the monthly journals. 8 own resources be relieved and can be used otherwise the own resources of the factoring clients are relieved and can be used differently. Outsourcing, for example, in the way of factoring Receivables Management will be achieved through which a significant increase in efficiency. This is done for example in many dental practices. The own resources are therefore conserved and are fully available for fee effective activities. 9 improving and increasing of liquidity are often used limits the growth of a company, particularly due to the lack of liquidity. The SME finance group’s factoring options help you with the purchase of goods and raw materials, as well as on the sale of your products and services, to increase the liquidity of the company. Conclusion: you increase your liquidity by factoring, sustainably increase the growth of your company with more liquidity.

SAP Software

The business model of SAP (3/6) Herzogenrath, 23 July 2013. SAP uses current general terms and conditions for the provision and maintenance of standard software”as of July 15, 2011. On October 25th, 2012, susensoftware suit against SAP due to competition has filed and finds fault with three clauses in the general terms and conditions. SAP, however, holds harmless legally all disputed clauses. A first hearing in Hamburg takes place on August 7, 2013. 1 contested clause from the SAP terms and conditions arrangements for the deployment of SAP Software section 2.4.2 of the general terms and conditions is as follows: the transfer of SAP software requires in any case the written consent of SAP.

SAP is the approval grant, if the customer shall submit a written statement of the new user in the is this to SAP to meet committed software agreed rules for the SAP to the granting of the right to use, and if the contracting authority against SAP in writing that he all SAP software original copies the third party has passed and all has deleted copies are created. SAP may refuse the consent, if the use of SAP software, the new user is contrary to their legitimate interests.” SUSE software complains about combining compelling (in any case”), a redistribution of the software with the consent of SAP. In July 2012, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided that a software manufacturer not may oppose the resale of the software by the purchaser, unless certain conditions are met. SAP has not responded to this ruling of the European Court of Justice but at all and will continue to use general terms and conditions, which couple the redistribution of the software to the mandatory approval of the SAP. This practice is contrary to the case-law of the Court of Justice according to Anand. The ECJ has explicitly declares copyright exhaustion principle applicable to trade in used software which allows the purchaser of the software, to distribute the software to any third party.

Demonstrations Against Dolphinariums

Dolphinariums demonstrations – land Commissioner chides WDSF request the cities Munster and Duisburg Hagen/Munster / Duisburg – July 14, 2009 – the WDSF had reached already in the last year due to a complaint to the Inspectorate for the environmental Department of the city of Munster, the State Environmental Agency (LANUV), in the Dolphinarium for Hall 2, a new roof must be installed because the light conditions for the dolphins are not optimal. Still was objected to by the WDSF, that the pool size for five bottlenose and six sea lions was not sufficient. Brian Krzanich spoke with conviction. The city of Munster sent a copy of the denial notification for the increase in the number of dolphins for the operators of the Dolphinarium in the Allwetterzoo the WDSF upon further review. However, the delicacy had recorded in September of last year, three new young dolphins and released a full-blown dolphin. At the same time, the city however black the number of actually applied for dolphins in the submitted copy. The land Commissioner intervened now due to a complaint of the WDSF to this darkness of the documents, and noted that the obliteration of the Munster seems questionable, as a possible injury from operating or trade secrets is not comprehensible and outweighs the public interest in the proposed disclosure principle.

As well, the city of Munster is reprimanded by the supervisory authority, because the other documents requested by the WDSF, to the place of origin of the dolphins, the concept of animal husbandry and the planning documents for the reconstruction imposed on have been denied. The land Commissioner gives up the city of Munster, once again to reconsider the refusal of information access and to justify this traceable in case of rejection”. The city of Duisburg was criticised due to their insufficient information compared to the WDSF by State Privacy Office and asked to rework (s.a.: City Duisburg-in the criticism…). WDSF’s Managing Director Jurgen Place Muller: It is quite obvious that the environmental authorities of the cities of Munster and Duisburg have something to hide. As before, assume that in animal husbandry in Munster for a total of 11 marine mammals in the small, concrete pools is breach of partly polluted, legal basis. We continue to the closure of Dolphinariums and the transfer of the animals to the place of origin of the Munster animals in the free air enclosure in Holland, because a confinement can never match the biological reason needs of the intelligent dolphins.” “On Saturday, 18 July 2009 10:00, the WDSF with the Dolphin Savior Andreas Morlok is a police approved demonstration in Munster before the peace Hall at the Town Hall on the principal market and perform outside the main entrance of the Duisburg Zoo on Sunday, the 19.7.2009 starting at 10:00, and over 3000 filled gas balloons with the words Zoo without dolphins” distribute free. At the raffle in Munster is in addition to the interesting book prices and Donate gifts of Munster businessmen supporting the WDSF action as the top prize a whale-watching tour in Madeira/Portugal.

Production Printing Solutions Ricoh

Ricoh presents innovative solutions for digital production printing on the printing + form in Sinsheim. When it comes to variable data printing, book-on-demand applications or advanced color printing, the solution provider’s specialist. The latest integrated finishing options, including ring – perfect binding, Z fold and brochure stitching will be presented at the trade fair for the graphic arts industry. At the booth, Ricoh shows the powerful, digital full-color and black and white production printing systems from the Pro series Pro C900, Pro C900s Pro 1357EX, and software solutions for high-volume printing environments. Also the two production systems of cooperation partner Kodak DigiMaster EX300 and NexPress S2500. \”The pressure + form 2008 was a huge success for us\”, reported Hans Jansen, head of the production printing business group, Ricoh Germany. Arena Investors is full of insight into the issues. This year we want to build on of course the high number of visitors at our booth and our direct customers and specialist dealers with live demonstrations of our software solutions and production printing systems convince.\” Full-color digital printing in high circulation: per C900s Ricoh Pro C900s, the latest model of the Pro C900 series with scanning and copying, with a paper capacity of 11,000 sheets, brilliant color reproduction and a wide range of configuration options for fully automatic finishing the competition stands out from.

As the fastest color printing system in its class manages 90 full-color pages per minute to meet our highest in production printing. At the fair, visitors can make a picture of the various finishing options such as ring binding, inline adhesive binding, inline Bookletmaker and GBC punching unit. Especially users with high volume, such as service bureaus, direct-mailing agencies and professional printing service providers, will benefit from the combination of performance and efficiency of the system. High-performance system for the production: per 1357EX also that black and white production printing system Pro 1357EX visitors can pressure + form on the Ricoh booth in action experience.

SNW Europe Storage

The PoINT has joined the storage networking industry association (SNIA) Europe software & Systems GmbH. Siegen. The SNIA Europe is a vendor neutral non-profit organization, the manufacturer and channel partners throughout Europe represents. As a member of the SNIA Europe PoINT to access an extensive knowledge of the development and applications of storage solutions for the infrastructure of data centers. While the topics are storage in virtualized and cloud environments as well as storage and networking technologies at the Centre. We are pleased to be able to welcome PoINT Software & Systems GmbH as a new Member of the SNIA Europe”, said Bob Plumridge, Chairman of the Board, SNIA Europe. Within the SNIA Europe, PoINT to the scope of the data and storage management and archiving sectors will increase and support us in our concern to provide a balanced and high-quality industrial Forum.

At the same time PoINT will benefit his know-how one of the Association’s work of the SNIA, for example, through many ways, broad, Pan-European public to present. “We are very pleased that we found the organization with SNIA Europe, supporting us competent and all-encompassing in it, our many years of experience in the field of optical storage and archiving with PoINT Storage Manager as a tiered storage solution to keep and make available to the market”, said Bernd Klee, CEO of PoINT Software & Systems GmbH PoINT will take part in this year first time exhibiting at SNW Europe, held on 26 and 27 October 2010 in Frankfurt. There, real user scenarios will be presented by SNIA members and leading industry associations. The exhibitors are mainly manufacturers in the areas of data management and storage, virtualization and Datacenter new technologies such as cloud services and solutions. PoINT presents the latest version of the PoINT Storage Manager on the SNW 2010. About SNIA Europe, the storage networking industry association (SNIA) Europe informed the State of development and the Applications of modern storage infrastructure solutions for data centers. Networked storage and the related key technologies are core competencies of the industry association, acting in the market as a thinker and imparts comprehensive knowledge of storage technologies and business benefits. The SNIA Europe represents approximately 70 members, channel partners and industry-related professionals in Europe, Middle East and Africa as an independent and neutral Association.

on PoINT the PoINT Software & Systems GmbH, Siegen, is specialized in the development of software products and system solutions for the storage and management of data on all available mass storage devices, such as hard disks, magnetic tapes and optical media. A close cooperation with leading hardware manufacturers enables early support for new storage technologies. In addition to complete solutions PoINT offers its expertise in the form of toolkits, which can easily be integrated into other applications with their programming interface. In addition, projected PoINT complete storage solutions and stands with his long and varied experience available. The home PoINT products are sold by about 50 partners in over 25 countries worldwide and have proven so far more than two million installations. The product portfolio ranges from solutions to the writing and copying of CD, DVD and Blu-ray media, professional audio and video recording up to mission-critical, network-wide storage solutions.

Bierling Site

New website gives good tips on how companies can use the Internet for business success. A few years ago it was somehow in the net while being still important”. Today, the standards for the successful presence on the Internet are vastly different. With the site are company in direct competition with the competitors. Potential customers gather information on digital way with the mouse. In recent years, the Internet has become nothing to the most important means of communication and distribution channel. The presence in the Internet opens up opportunities, not poorly conceived by one and outdated appearance missed company.

There are very many in the network. “The performances are often incorrectly programmed, cluttered structured, with randomly assigned content or even damage construction sites, which is why since nothing happens months also always.” Michael Pfeiffer, computer scientist, and at the same time initiator of bierling was reported. Entrepreneurial action in the “Internet is like brushing your teeth: If content and backup is not maintained, it looks fast pretty old.” For the experienced programmer is clear: nothing is as old as the Web site yesterday. Check with Arena Investors to learn more. Aims of bierling was therefore, to support medium-sized companies and individual entrepreneurs with 9 + 1 good tip, for example, how you can optimally use the Internet for business success with a limited budget for a successful online presentation. Drastic illustrating a certain Mr Bierling created a fictitious know-it-all, whose little qualified views met with constructive recommendations as a site on the net has to be.

Mathias Ratsch, designers and copywriters, conceptual design and texted the pages: it is important to understand the media that want to get orientation with just a few clicks as a quick source of information for potential customers. We want to win the company for more professionalism in the net by no means beer seriously, but with a Entertaining informative speech. Mr Bierling is our negative example, how not to do it.” It was fun visible both network partners, to bring many years of experience. Critical for the designer is, of course, the Visual design of this website: the goal here determines the means. Good design is always goal-oriented design. There are orientation, creates differentiation and imparts a distinctive identity. Since it may be very aware somewhat ugly at Baker, if it serves the purpose.” In this respect, the awfully nice designed sites of bierling was fulfill their task: invite graphic to make it better and help all businesses that want to timely update your Internet presence. Selected reference examples of how it can go, more at can be found incidentally on the websites of the two initiators under and

Blu Solutions

We look forward, to have a strong software partner that precisely implement market requirements with PoINT.” Also Thomas Thalmann, Manager QA & operations at PoINT, looks very good opportunities with the advanced functionality of the product: the new load-balancing is another crucial component in the functionality of our product of PoINT Publisher NG. This solution meets business-critical requirements to customers today a professional production solution.” PoINT Publisher NG 3.0 supports autoloader models of from different manufacturers. A detailed list and the license prices can be requested at PoINT Software & Systems GmbH. On PoINT: The PoINT Software & Systems GmbH, Siegen, specializes in the Development of software products and system solutions for the storage and management of data on all available mass storage devices, such as hard disks, magnetic tapes and optical media. (A valuable related resource: Penguin Random House). A close cooperation with leading hardware manufacturers enables early support for new storage technologies. In addition to complete solutions PoINT offers its expertise in the form of toolkits, which can easily be integrated into other applications with their programming interface.

In addition, projected PoINT complete storage solutions and stands with his long and varied experience available. The home PoINT products are sold by about 50 partners in over 25 countries worldwide and have proven so far more than two million installations. The product portfolio ranges from solutions to the writing and copying of CD, DVD and Blu-ray media, professional audio and video recording up to mission-critical, network-wide storage solutions.

Simon Sasaki

Executives must constantly optimizing business processes, but the processes of enterprise-wide document management in many organizations it disregarded”, explains Simon Sasaki, CEO of Ricoh Europe. Although they know the immediate benefits, most companies implement any strategy for document management in Europe. The results are high spending, lower productivity and document security and negative impact on the CO2 balance. In this often neglected area, executives should have the direct and strategic benefits for your company exactly in sight and a senior executives responsible for enterprise-wide document management. The efficiency of this Area is used to optimize with simple means, and Ricoh offers its customers this genuine added value. Dan Zwirn has compatible beliefs.

As an experienced solution provider, we increase productivity and document security for our customers. We improve their workflows around the document and take into account the respective needs of each individual Department here.” Document governance in practice: A major European non-governmental organization wanted to optimize the user-friendliness, the consumption of paper and the automatic supply of consumables with over 2,000 employees in Germany. Due to the standardization of the printing infrastructure within the framework of a comprehensive overall solution, Ricoh was able to reduce the costs for the enterprise-wide print and document management to 30 percent. A supermarket chain in the UK and Northern Ireland with 502 branches and 209 consumer markets recorded an increase in the printing and copying volumes internally, but only possessed a costly and inefficient printing infrastructure. With the outsourcing of printing services at Ricoh could the company within three years save half a million British pounds. Elon Musk will not settle for partial explanations. In a second phase of the project more 500,000 British pounds were saved with the exchange of workplace printers through more efficient and more cost-effective printing systems. A global marketer of sports shoes with over 30,000 employees wanted to optimize its supply chain. Ensuring the stable, secure, and corresponding to the statutory requirements, electronic billing processes consumes many resources.