Furniture Solutions For One-room Apartment

For the situation usually choose one-room apartment closet, living room furniture, shelves, chests of drawers. When choosing a sofa, a folding preference. Working as a place limited by the availability of computer or folding table. This is the most common set of furniture for one-bedroom apartment. However, with the furniture can be more efficiently use valuable square footage of the room. Cabinet – living room: The living room performs the function room, good fit computer desk, pencil box with shelves for equipment and instruments, a chair for the computer. Cabinet furniture (cabinets, cases) are better placed along the walls, but the main order of their the highest possible, in accordance with high ceilings in your apartment.

The shelves of cabinets of different heights to make better, so you can arrange them in a folder for documents and office equipment. Besides, if you put the cabinets perpendicular to visually divide the room into two zones. In this case, the dark side of the room will serve as a bedroom (sofa set there), and light – turn into an office. Living room – Kitchen: Exit the same – creating a zone for cooking and seating area. In the area of food preparation put emphasis on the dining table. Do not forget to arrange it nicely (suitable tablecloth, flowers) and conveniently located. Beautiful solution here would be a table with adjustable width and height, in some situations, it is suitable as a coffee table or coffee table.

Instead of the heavy chairs easier to put a small wooden chairs. It will save space and not cause problems with their movement. Now on to the shelves: Shelves are ideal for areas with small quadrature. With their help, a room is divided into several zones. In the case of If the windows in the room is not enough, or is the northern side of the house, give up the rear wall of shelving. Also, these structures are very useful when the kitchen is in the same room and not separated from the living room or hallway door. This will help prevent the smoke and steam generated during cooking in a residential area. In addition, the racks can not be on the legs and on wheels, respectively, easy to move around the apartment and every time comply with all the new feature. As for the furniture in the living room walls, then the experience of our parents and grandparents, we know that in a studio apartment they are able to take almost half the space. Sometimes even gives the impression that it is not worth the furniture in your room while you're away from your furniture. Fortunately, today, in furniture fashion for living is dominated by small mobile shelving and lockers, which in turn turn, release the space and highlight the aesthetic tastes of their owners.

Insert Your Gmail Signature As An Image In 3 Steps

Gmail for some time now this part is not only a tool of email free, but it has a great structure for Office, because it has an office equipment, with some resemblance to what is the Microsoft Office, this in free competition with this company, and they are compatible with Microsoft Office products. Giving users an enormous value, because that you can not only use one of these tools for text or graphics and presentations, but you have the ease to share them with your friends, partners or in your own company, without having to be sending by email documents, but that it remains online and it can be edited by any of the users that you have shared documents. Since a few days, the Gmail team already allows users to insert signatures formatted rich at the end of your emails. This is to say that we can add images, in color, in another size or source texts and to justify or align text to get a signature uniform, tailored to our needs. Even getting a format suitable to that usually follow companies and professionals. We tell you in few steps how to adapt your signature and how to add image at the end of all your emails. 1) Access your Gmail email with your address and password. Click on the settings link located at the top right of the Inbox.

(2) At the bottom of the page, you must go to the signature section and select signature if you had it set up before. (3) You’ll see that you can edit text to pleasure and insert images, provided that you have them stored on any server. And it is that Google only accepts a URL, so at the moment, we will not have the opportunity to hang a picture that you have saved on your computer. So the changes take effect, you can simply click on the save changes button.

Copy Machines

Copiers correctly called 'copiers'. And yet most people call it out of habit "photocopiers." In this sense, Rank Xerox was lucky. After all, people have subconsciously associate all copiers with the name of the company. And no advertising is needed. To take a leading position in Rank Xerox had to invent the principle of copying and continually improve manufactured products. Office Equipment Copiers Rank Xerox has recognizable features. First, always uphold the basic principles: to let the model copiers are designed for long life (5 years and more). Of course, these terms imply fairly substantial volume of work performed.

Secondly, the maintainability of copiers. Many people are surprised over the high cost of individual units for copiers the company compared to other manufacturers. The reason is very simple: any unit in the copier can be easily replaced on the spot – just instead of the faulty unit to put a new one. If we take the model of some other manufacturers, which are used relatively inexpensive parts and components, their replacement requires delivery of a copier service center and repair that will last at least a week. These advantages have allowed Rank Xerox to hold leading positions in Russia, despite increased competition from other manufacturers. Oh, and probably more that 25 years of work in our market the company managed to create a strong dealer and service network across the country from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Russian market copiers today is very saturated and competition: tens of trading companies offer a variety of copiers in St.

Petersburg and other Russian cities. Hundreds of different models. From all variety of brands only brands Xerox, Canon, Sharp, Minolta, Toshiba, Ricoh, Konica, Mita, Panasonic represent real manufacturing companies, and the rest – Utax, Nashuatec, Olivetti, Lanier, Kodak, Gestetner, Sanyo, Olympia, Develop, Triumph Adler, Rex Rotary, Oce, mb – simply promote devices on the market. Widespread selling copiers from other manufacturers under their own brands. To keep the solid market position to deliver a full range of copiers, so the company concentrated resources on the most successful models, filling the gap technique from other manufacturers. For example, Konica and Minolta supplying equipment to each other under their own brands. Such things are not advertised to the manufacturers, but have become common practice. Leader is to sell their copiers under false labels is Ricoh. Technique of the Japanese company sold in Europe under the brand names Lanier, Nashuatec, Rex Rotary, Gestetner, and in Russia – Unit and mb. The great advantage of this scheme business – the ability to gather in their "collections" only successful models from several manufacturers. According to global trend – the number of copies in the world is falling, while the number of prints on printers is growing. Because of this, manufacturers began to produce copiers digital copiers, which can serve as a printer, fax and scanner. In response, manufacturers printers, especially Hewlett-Packard, have released models with the functions of copiers, calling them mopirami. But the battlefield should remain with the digital copier. They are not only multi-functional, but also more reliable than analog, they are less wear mechanics, because page is scanned only once. From the standpoint of production technology of analog copiers exhausted itself. And soon no one will produce them.

Stuffed Eggs

The stuffed eggs may be a great cold appetizer, and prepared in just a few minutes. Ingredients Eggs – 6 Pieces Filet of white fish (cod, codling, pollock, for example) – a unit Milk – Olive Oil 100 cm3 – cm3 Salt Pepper Mayonnaise 10 – 30 g Parsley Preparation Making hard boiled eggs. To put it in a pot with water and bring to boil. Once the water boils, leave the eggs for 10 minutes. Cool and reserve.

Tips for preparing hard-boiled eggs: – Fill the pot with enough water to cover the eggs – The eggs can be introduced from the start, the cold water, or just when it starts to boil. If you choose the second option will be necessary to leave the eggs a minute in boiling water – Once the water begins to boil, leave 10 or 12 minutes to make them hard boiled eggs. Both the white and yolk are solid – To tell if an egg is cooked it must turn over the countertop. If he stops or turns awkwardly, is crude. Turning quickly, be done. – After removing the eggs from the water place them in cold water boiling.

This will stop cooking and cool them to be peeled. – To peel them, help with cold water to remove the shell while the eggs are done, cook the fish for brandade. Basically the fish should be cooked in boiling water and then prepare a puree, mixing it with milk and olive oil. Book. —– Brandade: brandade or brandada is called a simple preparation consisting essentially mashed fish. It is a traditional dish of French cuisine. The most common brandade is made with cod, but can use other white fish. Ingredients Filet of white fish (Cod, codling, grouper, haddock, for example) – 2 units 200 cm3 Milk (one cup) olive oil 10 cm3 (a drizzle) Salt White pepper Preparation Place water to boil in small saucepan. Once the water boils, put the fish and cook for about 7 minutes. The aim is that the fish is cooked just right. Remove from water and mash with a stepping fork, add milk, olive oil and season. It should be a homogeneous puree. —– Peel eggs and cut them in half. Then remove the yolks with a spoon and step on them with a fork. Mix with brandade llemas and mayonnaise, and use this mixture to fill the egg whites will now have a hole (where the so-yolk). Garnish with chopped parsley. Source:

Select The MFP

The choice of office equipment on the market right now is huge. Well, if you provide clear criteria for selecting the device, and if you do not know what to buy, but do not want to regret afterwards spent funds. Let's try understand the functions of the MFP together. The number of necessary functions. Copier, printer, scanner, fax – this is the maximum set of basic functions of MFP. The printer has the following characteristics: speed printing. With this option, everything is clear: the higher the speed, the less willing to wait for the documents. First print.

The value is not critical for the home MFP, but if you type in the office, the difference in 10-15 seconds will be palpable. Resolution scanning speed and depth of color. Scanning resolution and depth of color determines the quality of the image: the resolution depends on clarity and the depth of color – bright colors image. To get the image resolution jpg enough … The fax machine has the following characteristics: speed facsimile transmission, to a group of standards G3 (which combined telephone and digital communication), the standard size – 33.6kbps.

The presence of a speed dial, that is, opportunity to dial with one button. Memory is characterized by the number of pages of text, which is able to keep the unit. If you important opportunity to talk in person after a fax transmission, you should not buy MFP model, the characteristics of a fax which is marked "send / receive faxes only in automatic mode", or just to think about acquisition of an additional set with the telephone receiver. Paper Input (feed, receiver, additional) and the possibility of single-sheet feed is determined by your needs in print and / or copying. Additional Features: Duplex (two-sided printing) – a very useful feature that lets you save paper and time, can be represented as standard, can be supplied optionally.

Hot Weather

It happens that bulldog puppies, born just an hour ago, tormenting heat. In such cases, wet towel in cold water, squeeze it, spread out and lay on his puppies. They immediately calm down. Do not put the puppy in Open windows on strong drafts and do not send them a fan. If the bitch-mother worries, give it too damp towel and a bowl of ice.

If necessary, the puppies can be laid on a cold towel to three weeks of age. After that, put them in a box with a bowl of ice cubes, and they will creep up to it or move away, independently controlling the temperature. Watch for restless – if the bowl is small, it can be in it crawl. With months of age and up, the heat is generally less concerned about the puppies. Regardless of how you feel, well-developed respiratory organs of your bulldog, there are days with high humidity, when he probably will have trouble breathing, but if he would "blow" a few days in a row, it can come laryngeal edema, and the dog starts to choke. In this case, your bulldog will begin to wheeze, his side will be convulsive heave, language turns white, he refuses to drink or lick the Dead, then, his condition critical and required emergency assistance. If the English Bulldog panting for a long time, sip it accumulates viscous or foaming secret does not cause urge to vomit, and, consequently, hampering an already broken the act of breathing.

The Hero Goes Away

The hero goes away. Each hero and heroin receive the call to initiate a full way of tests and possibilities. The call is in different forms, sometimes imperceptible and another estrambtica. It is the call towards the stranger. How we got to decipher the message of the call is almost esoteric. Often it comes in key; small certainties that are accumulated one of another one above, until it is impossible to ignore them. Other times, it arrives from blow. The call is thus.

Joseph explains it to Campbell in the Hero with Thousand Faces. The hero is in the zone of the ordinary when note that something does not fit; he receives information that reveals another space to him, in the form of a call, of a call towards the stranger. According to Campbell, this first stage of the mythological day that &quot named; the call to aventura" , it means that the destiny is calling to the hero and has moved the gravitational center of his spirit, of the relative to the stranger. A listened to trip. Innumerable they are the examples that we can find in Literature in relation to the call of the hero. collective spaces of the human thought like mythology, if we analyzed in detail, are also deprived spaces, individual.

The figure of the hero and the call to the stranger, are images that also touch to the individual. Nobody escapes of the call, of the calls remove that us from our center they throw and us to the mystery of the anything. I create thus it. The happiness appears with the call of the hero. Because to listen what the destiny has what to say approaches us more whom we are. And if sufficiently we are disciplined in taking care of the call and to venture to us, the happiness takes body and it helps us in the way. Gotitas of happiness begins to fall to us raises and to leave inside. For seven years. It was Friday around the three of afternoon of November of the 2003. I was single to the doctor and, there, immediately, it said to me that it had cancer. At that moment I felt a tug so hard that I am sure that the body became lost to me by days. the destiny took hold to me off guard and it did not give the opportunity to say to him that no. me. That was my call. Of this I am safe. All we received the call. Perhaps, by that reason, to explain our inevitable subjection to us to the destiny, we have resorted to Gods and heroes. I believe that only thus, our capacity of spiritual digestion, can approach a little the mystery of the call of the hero, the one that Odiseo received in the Odyssey, or you or I can receive any day. Original author and source of the article.


Nevertheless, it is important to emphasize that each one of the members of the pair bring a cultural baggage, social, emotional, that in the time of the enamoramiento is not let see. The pheromones, the romanticism and the illusion dim all our realities. He is inevitable, to live this episode is crucial and fundamental. The newness catches to us, but at the time of putting us in the real life, each conduct, each attitude and each decision of my pair, they are based in his life experience. As well as my father-in-law treats his wife, thus surely I will be dealt with running of the time. But no, we think that our pair never never will do what their father with us, and what creates with different modalities, but, suddenly I feel the abandonment, I mistreat and the indifference.

But by all means, steeply my pair demands attitudes and behaviors very similar to those of its mother. He is not intentional, is generational. Thus all the women in their life, put under or reclamonas have behaved, or arrogant, or indifferent. In the same way I am going to demand even who behave with that model of masculinidad and hombra to him that I have learned. I require to be tried like that man who I teach as they were the relations between men and women, yes I I was the princess I want to continue being that, is my identity. But that happens when a princesita is enlisted in a relation with a man who lived that the women must remain calladitas and is he who taking all the decisions. The total catastrophe. And yes it is it in truth, because nobody can realize that is obeying to rolls and circumstances than it lived. But perhaps, that was lived is the circumstance of our parents but not of our present life, with this pair in the individual and here and now.


Can anyone explain how you feel about your loved ones? The art is also a mystery, nature escapes any definition. I understand that my approach is not at all scientific. juan manuel1 8) When do you think of the best ideas? When intense situations alive. 9) Three creative ideas that you would like to have happened to you. I approach it. 10) When, how did you begin to see yourself as an artist? Fifteen or sixteen I started to channel my expressive needs drawing almost every day, but it came before was a game, gave me nunca.Se raised naturally. 11) Why do so many artists and creators have volatile personalities? The need to show what we do (what we are) reveals an exhibitionist trait that can only be born of a conflict, pain, an urgent need for affection, passions recognition.There rooted in dissatisfaction are very difficult to accept. If you do not go through what we feel that hurts us back into a monster and overflows.

That volatility could be called fear. 12) Do you consider yourself a postmodernist? I see Postmodernism as an age of skepticism, disillusionment, dissolution, lack of collective commitments of ecstasy masturbatory individualistic culture light. A huge ballroom Titanic.Tiene logic, many systems have failed, theories and projects. But do not consider myself a postmodernist. 13) How should one evaluate a work of art? No formulas.Cada one finds his own sense. 14) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you wake up? I try to remember what I lived sonado.La feeling in the dream shows me how I feel, as I am.

Leche Asada

Very good day greetings to all, he was looking for a good recipe and after finding it I wanted to share with you, is why today I bring you this delicious and easy recipe for baked milk, an excellent choice to learn how to cook easy recipes and enjoy with the whole family. This recipe is for 4 people. Ingredients for the recipe for baked milk: 1 large milk Tin condensed 1 large 1 measure of milk cream can (measured in Tin of cream or the milkmaid) 8 eggs drops of vanilla 1 tablespoon cornstarch 1 cup sugar (for candy) preparation of the recipe for baked milk: Put the sugar in a pan and bring to the fire to form a candy, being careful it does not burn. Blend the milk with the eggs, vanilla and cornstarch drain into the caramelized mold, cover with paper aluminium and bake a water bath at 350 f for 1 hour or in the pressure cooker, with little water, mold is not floating, for 20 min. approximately. Let stand, cool, remove from pan and serve. Leche asada recipes are some of my favorites, I invite you to visit my recipe and delicious easy recipes you enjoy as dessert recipes and the three chocolate cake.