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Then we can realize that poverty is not only a phenomenon of loss comfort of life in physical, but also mental terms and other interrelated factors that are part of attitudes and values. In cities where extreme poverty is very pronounced emerging behaviors of inferiority, resentment, disappointment and even the spiral of cynicism by the conditions forced to which families are subject. And it is that these families are sharing these psychological effects, coupled with poor health conditions, of intellectual development, habits of consumption and moral conduct. Rebuild community life is a very complex but urgent task.

It is not only a problem of providing decent housing in a functional and pleasant environment, but social groups organization, is required to make on their own they can diagnose their priorities, perform work of self-help and institutions to request the corresponding assistances. References bibliographical ASCANIO, Alfredo. (1973). The future of our environment: prospects to the year 2000. Caracas: Sien. GIST, Noel and HALBERT, L.A.

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As emerging cysts in the ovary, causes to prevent them? To answer these questions, cysts are formations of consistency hard or semisolid that almost all women suffer from it, these do not come from cancer cells as many think, will be a time that can be 14 days or reach to stay beyond 60 days. Can be caused by obesity which causes hormonal alterations, such as unevenness in the blood glucose and many interactions that change the normal ovulation cycle, drugs used for the treatment of breast cancer, smoking etc. Having cysts in the ovary, causes are also evidence of irregularities in adolescence that must be corrected with physical activity and vitamin supplements so you don’t have nutritional deficits. The sensation of swelling in the lower part of the belly is often confused with constipation which may also occur, premenstrual pain, disperaunia, and what variations followed commonly known as rule, are shortened to a few days or is they extend for more than one to two weeks, this may already be worrying that the loss of large amounts of blood quickly produces anemia and other problems. The symptoms cease dealing with soothing, relaxation and therapy massage with oils made from natural products. Another situation covers Polycystic disease is when the ovaries, responsible for ovulation to produce multiple follicles at the same time where the organism to compensate that there was a massive release of female hormones, you adjust the male hormones present also in women but in smaller proportion to men is that women studied with hairs on face, Chin, and some characteristics that determine the gender male, this is also seen many times, occurs in stages of fertility and as that functional cysts can be achieved through a diet hormonal imbalance. Want to know how to treat ovarian cysts in a non-intrusive way? Please Click here to read about a method that you can eliminate the symptoms in as little time as 12 hours.

The State

The citizenship has chosen to live. States such as Guanajuato and Puebla are most stable manipulated – due to the levels of disinformation and influence of the Catholic clergy that beyond having cures that Miss speeches at rallies Sunday in their temples they have recruited to ladies of Regnum Christi, arm lay of the Legion of Christ, who through the phone and meetings operate in favour of the bread and the precious Government bureaucrats make theirs with the PRI. The DF has it easier, hence the level of politicization carried that the PRI could even lose their registration, bread the Miguel Hidalgo will lose Ana Guevara and Guadalupe Loaeza formula against the veletero Sodi – and as the city has been improving dramatically with the left hardly abstention will be the big winner. That Yes, there will be much null vote. The State of Mexico has very doctored election day, there is nothing more to see the barbarities pan in Toluca, the disastrous campaigns in Naucalpan, folkloric PRI and segregationist bread and to make matters worse as the PRD is re delivered into the arms of the acuerditos with anyone and is disorganized and does not change its electoral marketing, bone their propaganda and image, make the entity is fertile ground for annulment of the vote and abstention but surely mapachil hard vote PRI and agreements in the shadows, with much wool from through, they will make that the PRI remains hegemonic, this July 5 the political consciousness of the State of Mexico you will notice completely, we will see whether or not citizens, whether or not there is democracy. They say the people such as the jalicienses, Veracruz and chilangos – that your entity is national laboratory to see how people in the democratic experiment. Original author and source of the article.

Transparency International

In the storm where you know good pilot is regrettable given news, allegations such as these, which affect that in any way we can identify with the country where we live, we want and aspire to advance towards the quality of life that favors everyone in live. It is disturbing to read, listen to, that Venezuela is one of the most corrupt countries in the world according to the report recently released by the organization Transparency International in Berlin, in which Chile and Uruguay are located as the students models in Latin America, followed by Costa Rica and Cuba. As reported by according to transparency international, the 2009 study results indicate that corruption is seriously extended in Latin America. Venezuela is ranked 162 over 180 countries included in the study with a corruption perception index (CPI) 1.9%, just a few places ahead of Haiti, which is situated in the place 168 and is the worst of the American continent with a CPI of 1.8. These countries they have high levels of poverty and urgently require strong, transparent institutions that would facilitate her more than necessary economic development, according to transparency international. Chronicle confirms it. com MX that sunk at the bottom of the table, where level 1 represents widespread from public coffers, bribery and looting are countries at war as Somalia (1.1), as the most corrupt in the world, Afghanistan (1.3) and Iraq (1.3), followed by authoritarian as Burma (1.4), Sudan (1.5) or Iran (1.8).Next to these countries where the perception of corruption is larger than two Latin Americans sneak: Haiti (1.8), the poorest on the continent, and Venezuela (1.9), where is still in process the dismantling of democracy and his replacement by a Socialist regime and the absolute control of the oil-for-President Hugo Chavez.La President of TI in Germany, Sylvia Schenk denounced in these countries that do not reach even a level 2 in one scale where 10 is the maximum degree of transparency, hardly can be neither a medical appointment without bribing someone; the looting of the public coffers is generalized.Everything that is below 5 points is bad, said Schenk, who lamented that the majority of the 180 countries surveyed do not reach to be above that boundary. .

Finance Sector

The initiative has for itself to call the attention for the importance the collection and discarding of materials you recycle, in function of the amount of the raw material leftovers that reaproveitada would produce great amount of plastics generating new products to the market. An area destined for installation of a mechanical mill, the triturao of this reused material, generating new raw material for the consumption. After area of study of this enterprise, being that set free for the financial sector, it still passes for approval of the direction for its execution. This material of the leftovers and the recycled ones will be stored in metallic dumps-cart for disposal of the production.

The plastics is material synthetic polymers of the great flexibility of easy modeling through heat and pressure and substance cousin of the most varied objects. Being generally of the oil, they possess mixture complex and different temperatures of boiling, possible to separate them through the destillation process or craqueamento. Its characteristics of fusing or melting are divided in two groups in accordance with called thermoplastic and termorrgidos. The plastic originates from the Greek, its discovery was for the development of the system of vulcanization for Charles Goodyear in 1839, adding sulphur to the rude rubber. According to Schonbein (1846), the creation of the nitrocelulico, with addition of sulfuric acid and acid nitric to the cotton. The celluloid was developed, with addition of the camphor, this new product became substance cousin in the manufacture of photographic films, balls of sinuca, plates you would teethe and balls of drip pongue. The bakelite was the first synthetic polymer being able to be considered the first plastic created in 1909 for Leo Baekeland, it was the result of the reaction between phenol and formaldehyde became if useful for the hardness, resistance to the heat and the electricity.


Be honest with yourself. If you want to say your problem boldly out loud or write down on paper, but then leaf burn. Second, now in your mind there is a well-defined problem and thus motivation to solve it. Create yourself a clearly stated goal of your desires, that is what you actually want to achieve and write it down, he said aloud. If you know exactly what you want, then your brain will be much easier to solve its task, that’s what is needed clarity formulation. Third, find some time to dream about their future happiness, imagine that you have with your loved one and as you well with it, enjoy these thoughts.

But not for long, otherwise you’ll have a painful feeling that this is not. And the present and enjoy my thoughts to for the emergence of the fierce desire and effort to move forward towards your goals. Fourth, you have a clear goal, a great desire and of course the strength to move. It remains only to keep in mind constantly in motion on toward its goal, that is, you have come to think or plan, you immediately tested them in real life. If you stay, you will come back to the painful sensation of desire.

Or if you think too much, think a lot of plans, but do not check them in reality the same thing happen. Set a rule of thumb: think – did, and of course try to stick to it. Now you have everything you need for success – a goal, a great desire to achieve power, it remains only to act. Many people do not take seriously the plans succeed, but in vain, take any famous book on how to be successful and you will find something similar. We are all human, we all have a Soul, mind, consciousness, subconscious mind, for many years the great scientists have studied these features and vyvili patterns allowing work to make our internal systems efficiently. All that remains to do is to use all this knowledge for their own benefit, that we often simply laziness.

Trip To Ghana

Ghana is a wonderful tourist flat in West Africa. All throughout the year around the world people come here to enjoy the beauty of its spectacular beaches. The main attractions of this place, are undoubtedly, its sandy beaches and clear blue sky. Beaches of magnificent Ghana since the majority of the beaches is located near Accra, it is always best to book hotels near this place. Hotels in Ghana generally offer standard boarding and lodging facilities at more affordable prices rates, so you can be sure that travelers will have a pleasant and safe stay while spending your holidays in Ghana. Between different activities, the local population, as well as international tourists prefer to enjoy sport fishing in Ghana. Some other water sports you can enjoy in Ghana are water skiing, diving and sailing. Lake Volta is considered as the most appropriate place to do all these activities.

Places to visit in Ghana with the passage of time as tourism is to develop quickly, are increasingly more travel agents in Ghana to expand its business, however, make sure that they are taking you to the most popular places in Ghana. Does the Ghana travel guide should include the following destinations:? National Park of BIA? Kakum Park? Owabi wildlife sanctuary? Mole game reserve? National Park of Bui? rainy and so on. Among the aforementioned parks, Mole National Park is home to Baboon, crocodile, elephant, Warthogs, Buffalo and several other wild animals. Before planning vacations in Ghana, certain things should be kept in mind. Among them, the first is that a valid visa and proof of vaccination against yellow fever are.

Dengue and malaria are some of the common health risks in Ghana. Therefore, you should always take precautions against all those harmful diseases. Conditions culminating in Ghana has been observed throughout the year Ghana, it is still hot. However, the tropical climate comes with tropical rain. Therefore, it is best to avoid the months of April, may and June. Northern Ghana is comparatively hotter, so it is better to avoid including this place in Ghana vacation packages. Ghana cedi is currency of Ghana. Since the cost of accommodation in Ghana is reasonable enough, anyone can visit this place. In fact, it is the ideal tour will accommodate even the tightest budget. Well, what are you waiting for? Planning a trip and enjoy your vacation in Ghana. This article is written by Pieter for Ghana welcome tours. Tour Ghana travel operator offers Ghana tourism services and organizes trips from West Africa. Original author and source of the article

House Plumber

Before this, at the time when I close my Office and I retire to go to my house (by the way I do) step two blocks from the House of appliances. And at that time something inside me tells me to go to verify if what I was told from Bs As. It was true. They were 20hs. passes and was missing an hour to the close of this business. I go to the same and ask to speak with the Manager: 7th match negative: I convey everything that had happened and I find with surprise that knew nothing of the change from plumber and that authorisation had come but on behalf of the former plumber. Therefore ask the Manager to call Bs. As.

(when they had said that they contacted the Manager actually had done so only with the head of reservoir and the change of data of the plumber had not materialized). Made the call and at my insistence is finally reported the change of data of the plumber and ask that before this be informed also the head of deposit (so that in that way were two individuals having knowledge of the operation), to prevent another coincidence, that when the next day was my plumber, if the Manager circumstantially not present at that time, avoid thereby the Thermo was not delivered. 8Th match negative: this height seemed a professional Boxer because he was dodging one after another negative matches coming me to hit me one after another without break. However it still lacked the last. Before I go in the room wanted to verify which was the thermos brand X who had bought and I find that the Thermo had informed to deliver was actually mark and. Because I could not believe it, imagine if the next day my plumber who had order to withdraw a thermos of brand X has had found with that change.

Design Functionality

A world of possibilities in the design of online stores thanks to the features and functionality that allow you to customize your web site or your shop, or both, from the Panel of administration of Magento. We have already seen that one of the main features of Magento is the capacity that offers to manage multiple online stores, URLs, in different languages. You may not need to use this functionality but your online store can grow and at a given moment you are interested to cross borders because the fact of selling in other countries does not involve the difficulty that some believe, is easier than it seems and Magento will follow where you go. Magento is composed of a series of modules that have been created by a community of developers that certify each new functionality to be added to the program. The Basic program that we download contains a nucleus in which are the main program files and that they should never be handled to avoid losing stability, that the program stops working or that they can not be installed updates. However, its a software open source, if the program extensions to measure, can be developed that is, small programs with a specific functionality can be designed to respond to a specific need and our tailored, either we can install any of the many extensions already created and tested.

It is true that they may arise problems or security bugs or errors of any particular functionality as with any other software, or open source or not, free of payment, but the Magento community responds quickly and remedied mistakes quickly, either with patches or developing new extensions to make your shop more stable online (Criacao websites) (Desenvolvimento websites). Extensions or modules represent an additional advantage to this kind of programs. Thus, you can add new means of payment to your web site, you have extensions to add multimedia files, control the meta tags from our online store, create custom interactive galleries with photos our products, extensions to add logistics companies, for control and order tracking, tools for advertising and marketing, analysis, optimization, and performance in terms of the issues that are involved in the creation and visual design of your online shop, Magento allows you to load multiple themes to customize your online business. Some are already by default assigned to an interface but this is true in the majority of programs (web hosting). What makes other software Magento is the possibility of charging a Non-Default theme that will allow us to customize the interface of our shop according to very specific needs, such as a change of season, a campaign of summer or Christmas, and give a temporary look different from our online store. This is a reality thanks to the possibility of modifying the structural blocks and visual content that provides Magento design online stores.

Virtual Classroom

Weirich is more accurate when it raises creativity not only can be taught, but it can also be learned. Management in the present must definitely be creative, more to the characteristics of the current scenarios where change, proactivity this manifest, forcing management to be prepared to deal with them, give way to actions, plans that favor him, using a creativity in everything what they guarantee know how to interpret the reality of the present, give way to actions that will ensure the company succeed. Requires creativity .as says, not only to solve problems or aspects which adversely affect the company, but to inquire about new management approaches that enable search, build or seize opportunities to survive and thrive, taking in what has, which according to studies, we are not beyond of ten per cent of our creative ability. This, that is regrettable on a personal level, in businesses is dangerous, since a modern organization operating in open and competitive markets permanently requires innovative ideas, changes, innovations, developing plans and original decisions, etc. And all this just has to do with creativity. Thanks to advances in knowledge of the creative thinking and its processes, today is able to design strategies to overcome blockages originating both from a personal and organizational level, that they are slowing the creative development and foster skills through which people and institutions can achieve higher levels of creativity, capacity that we all possess, but that for various reasons we do not exploit in all its magnitude, and by contrast, conscious or unconsciously, ahogamos it in our companies (pay you for work, not to think) * different Web pages Chair in marketingVirtual Classroom, program quality and producvidad management specialty, Area of graduate program Faces, UC original author and source of the article.